Need for mental evaluation delays trial in kidnapping case

Log Cabin Staff Writer
Published Tuesday, October 08, 2002

Dale Stanford Perkins, 21, of Conway was brought to the Faulkner County Circuit Court from the Arkansas Department of Correction on Monday for pretrial proceedings. His trial was delayed pending a mental evaluation.

Perkins is charged with 11 felonies in Faulkner County, including kidnapping, first-degree battery, aggravated robbery and commercial burglary. He is accused of kidnapping a young child, holding her and her mother hostage in the Kimberly-Clark Corp. plant and shooting at police in May 2001.

He also faces charges from an alleged battery that had him on the top of the list of Conway's most wanted criminals at the time of the alleged kidnapping. Perkins is also reportedly facing murder charges in Conway County.

Police alleged Perkins forced Amanda Pilgrim and her small child from their Henry Street home and into a vehicle after members of the Metro SWAT Team surrounded the home.

As the suspect and victims were leaving, Perkins allegedly shot at officers. Officers then shot out the tires on his vehicle. A slow pursuit ensued and ended at Kimberly-Clark, where a six-hour stand-off reportedly took place. Perkins allegedly shot at SWAT officers during the night.

Perkins' attorney, Boyd Tackett, said his client had requested a mental evaluation the last time he was in court but it was not completed. His pretrial was moved to Dec. 11, with trial scheduled for Jan. 6.

Perkins asked, through Tackett, for bond to be issued or to be released with an ankle monitor until his trial.

After reading aloud the list of Perkins' charges, 20th Judicial District deputy prosecutor David Clark sarcastically replied: "Yeah, it'd be a good idea to put him on a leg monitor because he's a fine, upstanding member of society."

Those in the courtroom gasped or laughed at the comment. The request was denied.

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