Jail employee hurt in fight with inmate; trusty helps worker

Log Cabin Staff Writer
Published Tuesday, September 17, 2002

A Faulkner County Detention Center employee was injured Sunday by an inmate who is now facing additional charges. An animal-rights activist from New York has been credited with helping to save the officer.

According to a report, Officer Monteen Goss was getting up from the floor and Corporal Mike Gebhardt and Officer Robert Bradford were attempting to handle a "belligerent inmate" when reporting deputy John Randall arrived.

"I want Regis Evans charged for hitting me," Goss reportedly said while visibly upset.

According to Goss, she had been feeding the inmates around noon when she opened the food tray door to the cell that Evans, 26, was in. All the inmates except Evans came to get their tray, Goss reported.

Goss asked Evans to get up and get his tray and he started cursing her. She reportedly told him if he did not get the food, it would be recorded that he had refused the meal. He then told the officer he would get her one day, she said.

When Goss went back to collect the empty trays, an inmate approached the cell door and asked for a new sleeping mat because his was torn up.

"When Goss opened the door, (Evans) ran and pushed the inmate down and grabbed (Goss)," according to the report. Evans reportedly told her " I got you now."

Goss was punched in the face and kicked several times by Evans before trusty Bryan Pease stepped between Goss and Evans, according to the report. Pease was also hit several times before more help could arrive.

Pease is from New York, serving days in jail for his role in a protest at the Conway office of Stephens Inc. earlier this year.

Goss, who suffered bruises and cuts to her face and upper body, told the deputy she felt she "probably would be dead" had Pease not intervened.

Goss was treated and released at Conway Regional Medical Center. She will likely be off work for a couple of weeks, officials said.

Evans, who was in jail on burglary charges, will now have felony aggravated assault and misdemeanor battery charges added to his list of offenses.

Although there was another fight in the jail Saturday night, officials do not believe the incidents are related.

(Staff writer Samantha Huseas can be reached by phone at 505-1253 or e-mail at sam@thecabin.net)

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