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Published Sunday, August 31, 2008

Roses Among Thorns

Roses Among Thorns held their monthly meeting on Aug. 20, at Springhill Baptist Church. Linda Dickey welcomed everyone and opened the meeting with prayer. This was the fourth Birthday celebration for the group. Each member that had a birthday this month was presented with a gift. There were about 50 in attendance.

Ashton Snowden, Linda's granddaughter, sang a couple of songs to entertain us. Ashton also made two banners helping us celebrate our Hawaiian birthday party.

Each Rose received a lei when they entered the dining hall. Each member also received a flower to pin in their hair. The decorations consisted of lighted palm trees, grass skirts and surf boards. The tables were decorated with bowls of blue water with lighted floating flower candles in them. Sea shells were scattered about the table cloths. A menu card was placed at each table setting. The menu consisted of shrimp cocktails, pineapple spears, tropical chicken salad, crab salad and a green salad. Drinks consisted of tropical tea and pina colada smoothies. Coconut cake was served for dessert.

Servers for this month were Peggy Russ, Sue Nunnally and Pat Nutter from Xi Master Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi and Diane Whitley from Xi Gamma Upsilon chapter of Beta Sigma Phi. Also serving were Beverly Mahan, Meredith Thrash, Becky McCullum and Sue Benge from the church.

Special guests this month were Bill Ward, our only honorary male Rose member, Don Snyder, our website manager, and Sonja Keith, editor of 501Life magazine. Our guest speaker was Cheiree Webb. She taught us how to do the hula and explained what each hand movement means. She also explained the difference in the Hawaiian and the Polynesian dance.

Linda Dickey introduced the board members of Roses Among Thorns. She also announced our website is up and running. The web address is rosesamongthorns.org. We thank Don Snyder so much for all he has contributed to this project to get us up and running. He will be adding updates as needed. Linda presented him with a gift certificate in appreciation for all he is doing for our group.

After lunch, each member introduced their self and shared a little about their cancer story.

There were several door prizes awarded. They were spa treatments and meals donated from various salons and restaurants around town. We are so appreciative of them. The grand prize was an overnight trip to Hot Springs. This was won by Ruby Graff.

Xi Master Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi presented each member of Roses Among Thorns with a handmade pink and black ribbon lei.

The next meeting is Sept. 17 at 11 a.m. at Springhill Baptist Church. Anyone who has cancer or is a survivor and would be interested in attending, please call Linda Dickey to reserve your seat at 679-2931 or 472-1120.

Beta Sigma Phi

Xi Master Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi observed Beginning Day with an ice cream party on Aug. 24, at the home of Donna Ryel. The social committee also acted as hostesses and prepared the food consisting of various cakes, cookies, and brownies along with banana or vanilla ice cream. The committee consists of Chairman Polly Barker, June Saunders, Grace Thompson, Donna Ryel, Virginia Brown, Shirley Heffington, and Peggy Russ.

Following the refreshments, Polly Barker conducted the Envoy Rituals for the following husbands of members: Dick Russ, Denny Heffington, J. D. "Bud" Shamburger, Rudy Ballheimer, and Chuck Koger. The pins, cards, and certificates were given to each Envoy by his wife. Polly commended each one for his support of the chapter through the years.

Everyone then enjoyed playing bingo and winning "white elephant" gifts contributed by the members. The fellowship and visitation made everyone happy to be starting a new year of sisterhood of Beta Sigma Phi. It was announced the next meeting will be held on Sept. 9, at 1 p.m.

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