Heffingon family holds reunion

Published Tuesday, June 05, 2001

The 37th annual reunion of the Heffington family was held May 26 at the Enola school.

According to organizers, this was a fitting site as the majority of the 69 present had attended the school or grew up in that vicinity. The family members are descendants of David Heffington, who was originally from Virginia.

Although Marie Anthony traveled from Washington state, she was not present when trophies were awarded. Therefore, the trophy for Most Miles Traveled was presented to Ola McLaughin of Little Rock. Ms. McLaughin was among the original group in 1964 who felt there was a need for an annual get-together.

The Oldest Man and Oldest Woman trophies were presented to Foy Heffington and Bertha White. The Youngest Child trophy was awarded to Cody Bryant, who is 2. The trophy for Oldest Married Couple present was awarded to Buzz and Lora Heffington, who will soon celebrate their 56th anniversary.

Early arrivals enjoyed the singing of Reva Heffington and Lois Brown. Buzz Heffington offered a prayer for the family before a potluck lunch. Afterwards, James Beene acted as master of ceremonies and, with the help of Hunter Vaughn, Clayton and Hunter Beene, door prizes were awarded to Elton Heffington, Hunter Beene, Foy Heffington, Lora Heffington, Andrew Moore, Tonya Beene, Jewel Beene, Janie Heffington, Jim Martin, Wesley Leach, Lisa Bryant, Porter Vaughan, Bob Barnett, Matthew Jones, Archie Haston, Ivy Brown, Christopher Vaughan, Buzz Heffington, Toby Heffington, Lockie Vaughan and Tony Beene.

Others who attended were Jay Beene, Heather Vaughan, Irene Williams, Othel McCaig, John Edward Curtis, Todd Heffington, Paul and Doris Holeman, Ruby Heffington, Jewell Heffington, Zelma, Lynn and Mark Heffington, Manuel and Mary Beth Nickels, Kevin Beene, Tricia Vaughn, DeAnna Beene, Shirley and Denny Heffington, Beth Haston, Thelma Barnett, Rebecca Martin, Neal and Wendie Martin, Cledus and Nadell Heffington, Micky and Amanda Grissom, Opal Brady, Cora Waller, Cindy Nutter, Nell Heffington, Novella, Whitney and Wesley Leach, Edsel and Willa Voyles, Kelly Fallis, June Gangluff and Lisa Bryant.

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