The Bettle Spin is 50 years old and still a favorite

Published Thursday, April 23, 2009

Many of us have favorite fishing lures. Sometimes these are not the ones with which we have caught the most fish, but they are ones we like the most.

The Beetle Spin fits this category. It has passed its 50th anniversary, and it is still a fish-effective lure.

The Beetle Spin falls into the category of "safety-pin" lures. It resembles an opened safety pin somewhat. The lure comes in a variety of sizes, and its smaller models work well on bream and crappie. One feature of the lure is that you can change the plastic body to suit conditions. Pull off the white body, slip on a black replacement, and it just might turn the fish on.

The Beetle Spin was developed in 1959 by the late Virgil Ward, who went on to renown with a televised and syndicated fishing show. Ward was connected with the Johnson fishing tackle company then, and today the Beetle Spin is in the array of products offered by Berkley.

The strong point with the Beetle Spin is its simplicity. You tie it on, throw it out and reel it back in. Speed of the retrieve determines to an extent how deep it runs, as is the case with many lures. Slow down the Beetle spin, and it goes deeper in the water.

Beetle Spins are made in weights ranging from quarter-ounce down to 1/32nd-ounce, and the mid-range models, the 1/8th and 1/10th sizes, may be the most popular. Another good point is that they are relatively inexpensive. Depending on the store, of course, a Beetle Spin will cost you a dollar or a few cents more.

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