Gossip is just like murder

From James D. Mercer,
Published Monday, March 11, 2002

In the Bible, Matthew 19:18 Yashuah (Jesus) said thou shalt do no murder, take Webster's Dictionary definition of murder:

1. Murder: Is to kill (which is done by a killer)

2. Killer: One who kills, as an assassin (one who assassinates)

3. Assassinate: (a) to kill (b) to injury or destroy, as reputation

4. Assassination: (a) act of killing (b) act of injury or destroying, as reputation

5. Murderer: One who carries out all the above.

You can murder (destroy) a person's reputation with gossip, lies, deception. Anyone who repeats the gossip is an accessory to murder.

Usually the person doing this has a motive, such as hatred, revenge, cover-up for their own wrong doings. It's funny how people would walk across Texas to hear and repeat gossip, but would not walk across the street to say anything good about a person.

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