See how Conway High and Conway Christian Junior High did in district track meets

Conway’s girls finished third and the boys fourth in the 7A/6A track meet at Cabot on Friday.


The Lady Cats scored 98 points to finish behind Fort Smith Southside, 169, and Cabot, 164.

The Wampus Cats had 86.5 points to finish behind North Little Rock, 119.5; Little Rock Central, 117.3; and Little Rock Catholic, 113.

The CHS girls won the 4x800 relay, and Allison Wetherly won the triple jump.

Qualifying for state for the Wampus Cats were: Austin Norris, discus; Malik Clemons, 400 meters and triple jump; Ke’Air Powell, triple jump and long jump; Ausin Orvin, Chris Mendoza, Peublo Hurtodo and Toler Freyaldenhoven, 4x800 relay.

Freyaldenhoven will also compete in the 1600, Xavier Hicks in the high jump, Patrick Randall and freshman Ke’Von Holder in the 110 hurdles.

Kennedy King jumped his personal best of 6-4 in the high jump to win the event.

Top three efforts:


400: 2. Malik Clemons

1600: Toler Freyaldenhoven

4x800 relay: 2. Conway

High jump: 1. Kennedy King.

Triple jump: 2. Clemons

Discus: 2. Austin Norris


100: 3. Jamon James

200: 2. James

1600: 3. Lauren Campbell

4x400 relay: 2. Conway

4x800 relay: 1. Conway

Pole vault: Jada Meyer

Triple jump: 1. Allison Weatherly,


In the Region 4 junior high meet, Conway Christian’s girls finished second behind Magazine, and the girls finished second behind Bigelow.

The CCS results:


High Jump: 1. Zack Ward; 4. Will Jackson

Discus: 3. Sam Hicks; 8. Russell Jackson

Long jump: 4. Luke Gates; 5. Will Jackson

Shot put: 5. Will Jackson

Triple jump: 8. Hicks

4x800 relay: 1. CCS (Zack Ward, Bennett Ellis, Bennett Pascoe, Seth Norton) 

110 hurdles: 7. Russell Jackson  

100 meters: 1. Seth Smith; 3. Will Jackson; 8 Luke Gates

1600: 1. Bennett Pascoe; 2. Seth Norton

4x100 relay: 2. CCS (Seth Smith, Will Jackson, Luke Gates, Sam Hicks) 

300 hurdles 5. Robert Poppe 

800: 1. Norton; 2. Pascoe; 8. Ward 

200: 1. Seth Smith; 2, Will Jackson; 7. Luke Gates

4x400 Meter relay: 2. CCS (Bennett Pascoe, Luke Gates, Seth Smith, Seth Norton)


Pole vault: 4. Karissa Duker

High jump: 1. Caroline Henley; 3. Katie Dather; 5. Kylee French 

Discus: 3. Becky Sanders; 7. Stormy Stacks

Long jump: 7. Dather; 8. Henley

Shot put: 2. Becky Sanders; 3, Carly Lawrence; 6 Stacks

Triple jump: 2. Ashleigh Webb; 5. Laila Sulieman; 6. Adrianna Ferrand

4x800 relay: 3. CCS (Karissa Duker, Kendra Lea, Lexia Nichols, Macey Vaught)

100 Meter: 2. Dather; 4. Webb; 6. Maddie Allison

100: 1. Rhaegan Linn; 2. Sulieman

1600: 6. Duker; 7. French

4x100 relay: 1, CCS (Rhaegan Linn, Laila Sulieman, Becky Sanders, Jessica Nunn)

400: 1. Lexia Nichols; 7. Kendra Lea; 8. Henley

300 hurdles: 4. Dather; 5. Ferrand; 6, Addison; 7. Macey Vaught

800: 3. Duker; 7. Nichols; 8. Rachel Ledbetter

200: 1. Linn; 7. Jessica Nunn

4x400 relay: 1. CCS (Lexia Nichols, Karissa Duker, Kendra Lea, Laila Sulieman)



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