Check out results from Vilonia, Greenbrier and CCS in district track meets

Vilonia, Greenbrier and Conway Christian had successful outings Friday in district track meets.


At Harrison, the Vilonia girls took the district title with 221 points. Alma was second at 123 and Greenbrier third at 84.4.

Autumn Russell won four events for Greenbrier.

The Vilonia boys, with 159.5 points, were second to Alma, 198.

At Danville, the CCS boys were second with 171 points to Bigelow’s 196. The Lady Eagles, with 208 points, were second to Magazin at 247 points.






400: 3. Jackson Berry, Vilonia

800: 1. Zachary Rail, Vilonia; 2. Cody Moore, Vilonia

3200: 1, Hunter Otts, Vilonia; 2. Jason Rail, Vilonia

300 hurdles: 2. Jared Willis, Vilonia

4x400 relay: 1. Vilonia

4x800 relay: 1. Vilonia

High jump: 1. Matthew Stanley, Vilonia; 3. Landon Castle, Vilonia

Pole vault: 1. Dylan Foster, Vilonia; 2. For Richmond, Vilonia



100: 1. Autumn Russell, Greenbrier

200: 1. Russell

400: 1. Russell; Haley Wehrer, Vilonia

800: 1. Caitlyn Hill, Vilonia; 3. Stephanie King, Vilonia

3200: 1. Addy Swaim, Vilonia

100 hurdles: 2. Lauren Williams, Vilonia

300 hurdles: 3. Allie Skouras, Vilonia

4x100 relay: 1. Greenbrier

4x400 relay: 2. Vilonia

4x800 relay: 2. Vilonia

High jump: 1. Savannah Joyce, Vilonia; 3. Addison Harmon, Greenbrier

Pole valt: 2. Kenzie Hawks, Vilonia; 3. Katelyn Gibson, Vilonia

Long Jump: 1. Russell; 3. Bayley Trautman, Vilonia

Triple jump: 1. McKenzie Morris, Vilonia, and Charline Lasley, Greenbrier

Shot put: 2. Shelby Shaw, Greenbrier; 3. Abby Hightower, Vilonia

Discus: 2. Ashlyn Morton, Vilonia; 3. Amanda East, Vilonia

2-4A East at Danville



100: 2. David Gillespie, Conway Christian; 3. Seth Smith, CCS

200: 1. Smith, CCS

400: 1. Chase Kehler, CCS; 2. Ancil Lea, CCS

800: 1. Seth Norton, CCS; 3. Bennett Pascoe, CCS

1600: 1. Bennett Pascoe, CCS; 3. Luke Beckman, CCS

3200: 1, Pascoe; 3. Norton

4x100 relay: 2. CCS

4x400 relay: 2. CCS

4x800 relay: 1. CCS

High jump: 2. Beckman

Shot Put: 2. Caleb Dather, CCS



100: 2. Rhagan Linn, CCS; 3. Haley Carter, CCS

200: Linn

400: 2. Carter; 3. Lexia Nichols, CCS

1600: 3. Whitney Wooten, CCS

3200: 2. Shelby Shelton

300 hurdles: 3. Katie Dather

4x100 relay: 2. CCS

4x400 relay: 1. CCS

4x800 relay: 2. CCS

High jump: 2. Lindsey Clay, CCS

Pole vault: 3. Karissa DUker, CCS

Long jump; 2. Haley Carter, CCS

Shot put: 3. Carly Powell, CCS

Discus: 2. Lyndi Dather, CCS



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