Hunting Guidebook a helpful accessory

LITTLE ROCK – A key item in an Arkansas hunter’s gear doesn’t cost a cent. It’s the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s 2013-14 Arkansas Hunting Guidebook, a publication with answers for most questions and helpful forms.


One example is game tags. Six of them are inside the back cover and are needed by hunters without regular licenses, meaning those over 65 and youngsters under 16.

A suggestion if you are a deer hunter in one of these two categories is to clip out at least three of these tags and put them in your billfold along with three twist-ties or other fasteners.

Page 4 in the current Arkansas Hunting Guidebook has a summary of the rules changes put into effect since last year. Rules can change from one hunting season to the next.

On Page 29 is the Permission to Hunt Card. On private land, verbal permission is usually OK – but not always. Have this card filled out and signed by the landowner. This removes any doubt.

Also on Page 29 is a form for transferring fish or wildlife. Give someone fish you have caught or game you have taken, and this form is essential if the gift puts you over the daily limit for a particular species. Filled out and signed, it removes any doubts.

If someone invites you to a hunt in an area away from your home grounds, check the guidebook. This can save headaches later.

Remember that in deer hunting, wildlife management areas and national wildlife refuges are each a zone to itself with rules that may be different from the zone surrounding them.

The Arkansas Hunting Guidebook is free and small enough to fit into most pockets. Take it home or to camp to study at your convenience, and it will likely have the answers to most of the questions you come up with. Get the guidebooks at a license sales outlet or at any AGFC office.

True, you have to look for the answers and maybe in more than one place in the book. Have patience, be resourceful and read carefully. Those answers, nearly all of them, are in the book.



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