Health Inspections |June 2017|

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Acxiom (301 Industrial Blvd. Building 10) 6/22/2017

1. Several cooler items are 44F. Sign posted on refrigerator says cold holding 45F or below. It specifically says it is the procedure and corrective action for shellfish storage only. Facility does not have shellfish and has applied to all cold storage. Logs haven't been updated since May, but clearly show several days above 41F temps without corrective action. 

2. There is not a time log for items setting out on salad area without refrigeration. If facility is not using temperature as control, then they must have a written log of the times when product is out of temp and discard product after 4 hours. 

3. Food on display shall be protected from contamination from consumers. Salad set out on table does not have salad bar food guard. 

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Price Cutter (HWY 365 and 6th St) 6/20/2017

1. Cheese and butter open case if 45F on the butter side. Hams in open case are above load limit line and are 45F. These items needs to be 41F or below. 

2. The milk shelves have food spills and dust built up on them. They need to be cleaned. 

3. Standing water in drain in front of walk in cooler. It needs to be fixed so water will drain. 


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Bears Den Dave Ward Drive (2890 Dave Ward Drive) 6/7/2017

1. Many items on floor of walk in freezer. All items need to be stored six inches off the floor. Lettuce, corn, and several other items are uncovered in walk in cooler and need to be covered. 

2. Walk in freezer needs to be cleaned. 

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1. Items on cold bar ar warm. They are 60F and they need to be 41F or below. Manager will chill food and control temps. 

2. Food is on the floor of walk in freezer. All food needs to be stored six inches off the floor. 

3. Walk in cooler and freezer need to be cleaned. Shelves and walls have food spills built up on them. 

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Sawbucks (1515 Dave Ward Drive) 6/28/2017

1. Cut tomatoes and cheese are in ice but product on top is 63F. Items were discarded. Prep cooler is too warm. Several items 52F. Prep cooler was turned down and items are in temp. Walk in cooler is warm. Several items are 49F to 55F. Manager is calling repair man to get it worked on. 

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Senor Tequila (1117 Oak St) 6/19/2017

1. Prep cooler on end of kitchen is 45F. Manager turned prep cooler down. At the end of inspection, prep cooler was below 41F.

2. Standing water on floor needs to be cleaned and drains under sinks need to be cleaned. 

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Sonic (1405 Dave Ward Drive) 6/26/2017

1. Food build up present on chicken hot hold box and fry hot holding area. It needs to be cleaned.

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Stage Coach (1825 E Oak St) 6/13/2017

1. Paper towels are out at hand sink in kitchen. They were replaced. Corrected on site. 

2. Refrigerator in back needs to be cleaned. Vent hood needs to be cleaned. 

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J Square Inc (580 Industrial Drive) 6/21/2017

1. Dust build up on milk shelves. They need to be cleaned. 

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Taco Bell (205 E Oak St) 6/5/2017

1. Cleaning needed in walk-in cooler. There are food spills under shelves. 

2. Cleaning needed in soda syrup area. There are food spills on the floor. 

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Toppers Pizza (895 Oak St) 6/19/2017

1. The handwashing sink may not be used for food preparation, or utensil washing, or a service sink or in any other manner other than handwashing. Buckets and other items are stacked in hand sinked. Items were removed from hand sink. 

2. Freezer is at 40F. Tots and beef are not frozen solid. 

3. Lid on tank of toilet is missing, Needs to be replaced.

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Roux's Opening (2235 Dave Ward Drive) 6/15/2017

1. Make sure there are paper towels at all hand sinks before opening.

2. All Construction dust needs to be cleaned off surfaces before opening. 

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U.S. Pizza Company (710 Front St) 6/20/2017

1. Wash hands any time contamination could have occured, when changing tasksm or before putting on gloves. Corrected on site. Employee removed gloves, washed hands and put on another pair. 

2. Cutting boards are too grooved to be properly sanitized. They have discoloration on the cutting surface. Thry need to be replaced. 

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Wendy's 9 (311 Oak St) 6/5/2017

1. Some items in walk in cooler are warm. Manager has already turned in a work order. Some items are below 41F

2. Standing water on floor around flyer needs to be cleaned up. 

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Street Side Creperie (1321 W Oak St) 6/20/2017

1. Pre-cooked crĂ©pes in staging area are uncovered. They need to be coverered  when there are no active orders. 

2. Cloths in-use for wiping counters and other equipment surfaces, shall be held between uses in a chemical sanitizer solution. 

Wiping Cloths are on the counter. Wiping cloths need to be stored in sanitizer when not in use. 

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Buffalo Wild Wings (675 Amity Road) 6/14/2017

1. Pico is 45F. It should be 41F. Food is being moved to walk in cooler and prep cooler temps are being monitored. Corrected on site.

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Cafe 501 (650 United Drive, Suite 100) 6/26/2017

1. Open can of soda sitting on prep cooler. Employee drinks need to have a lid and a straw. The drinks need to be stored away from the food prep area. Corrected on site. Items were removed and will be placed in proper area. 

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Centennial Valley CC 19th Hole (1600 Centennial Club Drive) 6/29?2017

1. Employee changed gloves without washing hands. Employee must wash hands in between changing gloves. Corrected on site. Employees are using proper handwashing procedures. 

2. Both prep coolers are warm. Several items in both coolers are 49F. It needs to be 41F or below at all times.

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Chic-fil-a (1115 E Oak) 6/22/2017

1. Hands need to be washed in between changing gloves. Cook breaded chicken, put chicken in fryer, pulled gloves off, rinsed hands with water, wiped his hands on a towel hanging from pocket and put on fresh gloves. Cook should have washed hands with soap, dried hands with a paper towel and then put on a new pair of gloves. Manager will address this. 

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Chipotle (915 E Oak St) 6/14/17

1. Pico is 44F. It needs to be 41F or below. Corrected on site. Manager reset prep cooler and compressor kicked back on. Food temp came back down to 41F.

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Country Inn Suites (750 Amity Road) 6/30/2017

1. The handwashing sink and aids and devices may not be used for food preparation or utensil washing., or a service sink, or in any other manner other than handwashing. Towels are in hand sink and trash can is blocking hand sink.

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Cross Creek Sandwich (1003 Oak St) 6/19/2017

1. Bathroom door in kitchen needs to be self closing. 

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Faby's (2915 Dave Ward Drive Suite 1) 6/28/2017

1. Sliding door refrigerator is warm. It needs to be 41F or below. 

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Faulkner County Jail Unit 2 (500 S German Lane) 6/28/2017

1. Some sinks are without paper towels. Corrected on site.

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Gulf (1305 E Oak St) 6/13/2017

1. Cleaning needed between soda tables and in cup holders. Food debris has built up. 

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Hole in the Wall (1016 Markham) 6/20/2017

1. Dishes are being dired by a towel. They need to be air dried. Corrected on site. Dishes are being washed and air dried. 

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Kroger Deli (101 W Oak St) 6/5/2017

1. Cleaning needed on sandwich prep cooler. Cleaning needed in dry storage area. There are food spills built up in these areas. 

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Layla's (2755 Dave Ward Drive) 6/28/2017

1. Require food employees to use only designated handwash sinks for handwashing. 

2. No bare hand contact with exposed, ready-to-eat food or ice. Use gloves, spatulas, tongs, deli tissue or other dispensing equipment. 

3. Provide an adequate supply of hand cleanser at each handwashing sink. 

4. Walk in cooler is warm. Many items were 51F. Items in freezer are not frozen solid. 

5. Standing water in walk in cooler needs to be cleaned up. 

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McDonald's Dave Ward (1440 Dave Ward Drive) 6/26/2017

1. 4 door refrigerator at the end of the line is warm. Cheese was 51F. It was not discarded because manufacturer says it can be room temperature. 

2. There is food build up on top of fry hot holding area. it needs to be cleaned.

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Pizza Hut (1825 E Oak St) 6?16/2017

1. There is food build up on handles of freezers and refrigerator in back dry storage area. They need to be cleaned. 

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Popeye's (1345 Oak St) 6/16/2017

1. Cleaning needed in walk in freezer. There is ice build up and food spills. Cleaning needed in cooler. There is a puddle on the floor. 

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Vilonia Sonic (1161 Main St) 6/8/2017

1. Paper towels are out at hand sinks. Paper towels have been replaced at hand sinks. Corrected on site. 

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Kroger Store (101 W Oak St) 6/5/2017

1. Ceiling tiles in meat cutting area are falling down. They need to be fixed.

Substance used to seal floor in meat cutting area isn't easily cleanable. It needs to be covered or replaced by something that can be cleaned. 


Information is provided by the Faulkner County Health Department.


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