Health Inspections | May 2017 |

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Conway Country Club (555 N. Country Club Road) 5/23/2017

1. Food spills in dry storage area need to be cleaned.

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Conway Country Hole 19 (555 N. Country Club Road) 5/23/2017

1. Upright freezers in dy storage area ans in kitchen need to be de-frosted for air flow and so shelves can be cleaned.

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Conway Montessori (643 Reedy Road) 5/9/2017

1. Raw eggs are above other items in cooler. They need to be under ready to eat items.

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Don Pepe's (2225 Prince St.) 5/17/2017

1. Employee put on gloves without washing hands. Hands need to be washed before putting on gloves. Corrected on site. Employee removed gloves and washed hands. 

2. Several tiles are missing from floor in dish room. Water is standing in spots with missing tiles. It needs to be replaced.

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Burger King (2325 Dave Ward Dr.) 5/30/2017

1. Clean utinsils in dish area need to be stored handle up to prevent contaminating the part that touches the food. 

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Jin Wei Chinese (2235 Dave Ward Dr.) 5/31/2017

1.  Make sure chicken that has been previously cooked is not stored below raw items in walk in cooler. Cooked chicken is covered and there isn't any active contamination. Corrected on site. 

2. Cleaning needed below wok area and in walk in freezer. 

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West Conway Chik-fil-a (2510 Prince St.) 5/10/2017

1. Disinfectant bottle hanging above food items. Cleaner was moved to proper place. Flat bread was in a package but discarded anyway. 

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Donaghey Corner Pantry (1632 Donaghey) 5/8/2017

1. Floor is dirty under drink syrup box area. It needs to be cleaned. Refrigerator by fryer needs to be cleaned.

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What's for Dinner (14 S. Church St.) 5/19/2017

1. Meat was thawing in a bucket of water. Items may be thawed under running water, in a refrigerator or by cooking. This keeps the outside lay in temperature while the inside is still thawing. Employee corrected on site. Meat was not out of temperature yet. 

2. Raw eggs were being stored above other items in walk in cooler. Raw eggs must be treated like raw chicken and stored below other items. Employee moved eggs, they had not yet contaminated other items. Corrected on site.

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Sugar Bear Child Care (364 Denison St.) 5/17/2017

1. Can opener needs to be cleaned. If build up cannot be cleaned off, the can opener blade needs to be replaced. 

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Quizno's (2850 Prince St. Suite 9) 5/2/2017

1. Cleaning needed in dry storage area. Items have dropped under shelves.

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Wing Stop (2730 Prince St. Suite 1) 5/10/2017

1. Items in walk in cooler are warm. They were 49f and they need to be 41f or below. 

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Zaxby's (3800 Dave Ward Dr.) 5/24/2017

1. Upright freezer by breading station is warm. Items are not frozen solid but still below 41. Freezer needs to be looked at. 

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Patti Cakes (2106 Robinson Ave.) 5/8/2017

1. Food packaged in Retail Food Establishment that is made available for customer self service and have more than two ingredients must have an ingredient list and allergens listed. Frozen items and dips in refrigerator need more information on the labels. Owner found correct labels and put on items. Corrected on site. 

2. Ice build up on walk in freezer needs to be cleaned up. Defrost is broken. Owner has put in a work order to fix it. 

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Little Caesars Morningside (1055 Morningside Dr.) 5/9/2017

1.  Prep tables, walk in cooler, over, pizza rack, and supply shelf by prep cooler have food spills and build up. They need to be cleaned. 

2. Missing tile by sink needs to be replaced. 

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Round Mountain Coffee (2850 Prince St. Suite 3) 5/2/2017

1. Paper towels needed at hand sink in prep area. 

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Sonic 2 (2710 Prince St.) 5/17/2017

1. Food spills and build up on shelves in dry storage area. Food and syrup spilled under soda syrup box area. Ketchup splattered and dried on wall of walk in cooler. Hot hold trays on both sides of grill area have food built up on the warming boxes. These areas and items need to be cleaned. 

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Taco Bell (2715 Prince St.) 5/9/2017

1. Syrup spilled under frozen drink machine. Cleaning is needed under frozen drink machine. 

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Taco Bueno (1155 Dave Ward Dr.) 5/25/2017

1. Personal items like jackets and purses are on dry storage shelves. They need to be in their own area to prevent contaminating food. Box of flour tortillas on shelf below ground beef in walk in cooler. Tortillas need to be stored above beef. Corrected on site. Items were moved to correct areas.

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Tacos 4 Life (2235 Dave Ward Dr.) 5/31/2017

1. Bucket where clean dishes are stored has food build up in it. Make sure dishes are stored in a clean item. 

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Wendy's 51 (3750 Dave Ward Dr.) 5/24/2017

1. Salad items prepared and stored in walk in cooler need a date of when they were prepped. Cheese and cut tomatoes do not have date on them. 

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Hardee's (1055 Dave Ward Dr.) 5/25/2017

1. Paper towel machine emtpy, but no other towels near by. Corrected on site. Manager put paper towels by sink. 

2. Stock room needs to be cleaned. Sills are on floor by soda syrup boxes.

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Chicken Express (2299 Dave Ward Dr.) 5/31/2017

1. One of the hand sinks is out of paper towels. It needs to be replaced. Corrected on site. 

2. Fly strip is over a food prep area. It can not hang over food, food prep areas, or food storage. It needs to be moved. Corrected on site. 

3. Food spills are built up on hot holding case. It needs to be cleaned. 


Information is provided by the Faulkner County Health Department.


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