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This by: Clayton Heathscott and Jensen Kordsmeier
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Emily and Julia Hambuchen
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Alli Grace Felts, Martha Lagasse, and Anna Claire Bailey
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Olivia Huett and Caroline Hambuchen
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Aiden Lambe and Parker Trussell
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This slideshow includes photos from Luke Davis' 8th grade Earth Science class and the 2014 Teddy Bear Clinic.

The Teddy Bear clinic included, "Kindergarten and 1st grade students at St. Joseph Elementary School became better prepared for a possible later in life experience when they took part in a Teddy Bear Clinic on March 20th. Each child brought their favorite teddy bear or stuffed animal to school to be “examined” for potential health problems by student nurses from the University of Central Arkansas. “The clinic is designed to educate children as to the workings of the health care system,” UCA’s Dr. Susan Gatto said. “Introducing children to this environment decreases anxiety and helps prevent common childhood illnesses.”
  The children entered a simulated health care setting and reported to a “nurse” what their cuddly companion was suffering from. The “nurse” then assessed and treated the “patient.”  During this time the children were exposed to such medical procedures as triage, immunizations, x-rays, surgery, and follow-up care. Additional activities included hand washing, and dental hygiene," said Nielson Ray, Journalism teacher at St. Joseph's Catholic school.


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