Dog Days of Summer: Faulkner County Pup Spotlight

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My name is Annie!

I live in Conway with my dad Matt, my aunt Jamie, and my cousin Dharma the cat.

I am a one year old Blue Heeler and I love playing and being outside. When I'm stuck in the house all I want to do have someone throw a toy around so I can fetch. My motto is fetch all day everyday.

I like going out on Lake Beaverfork with my dad on his boat and my aunt takes me on walks around the neighboorhood.

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Hi! My name is Max.


I live with my furmom, Carole DeLaney. I turned 3 years old in July.


My mom said I got a little bit of this and a little bit of that. She is thinking Boxer and Terrier. Most people called that a Mutt. And Mutts are the best.


I love to run, go on nature walks, and play catch. I really love playing with the big dogs. I may be small, but I can hold my own.


My other favorite things I like to do- hide my bones throughout the house, sleep (this is how I stay so handsome for the ladies), and try to catch a squirrel or rabbit.

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Hello, my name is Atticus but you can call me Atti!

I am a playful, yet cuddly Chiweenie. I belong to my parents, Gail and Ty.

I love to play outdoors and with my toys, especially my stuffed "Pig-Pig." I am quite spoiled and love Cheetos for snack, but only when my Mommy sneaks me a few.

I also protect my owners from intruders (bike riders) with my ferocious barks. Honestly, I'm actually really sweet though, but they don't have to know that.

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Heeyyyy! My name is Missy and I am a Maltese!

I am almost 7 years old and I live in Mayflower with my mom and dad, Kaylea and James and also my brother Savage and Sister Zoe!

I love going on car rides, taking naps, and eating as much food as possible! I may be small but I can protect my owners. I have a scary bark! I don't like being left home alone

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Hello, my name is Lady Nanamo Ul Namo of the Heavenly Boofdonkadonk. But you can call me Momo.

I Belong to Chris and Norlyn Waller and live in Conway and I am a 9 month old Pembrooke Welsh Corgi

I'm the sweetest smartest little spitfire ever and I love to harass my poor big brother, destroy toys, and parkour off of the furniture.

I've never met a stranger, and I love making new friends. My best trick so far is paw - when you ask for my paw, I put it all the way up!

I'm a sweet spoiled princess.

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My name is Olive Bean.  I go by a lot of names, but Ollie B, Bubbles and Mongrel are my favorites.

I like long walks and even longer couch naps. My blue eyes always have the winged eyeliner to match.

My parents think I chase ghosts, but I just really like reflective lights and shadows.

My biggest talent other than eating an ice cream cone in one bite is tap dancing when you scratch my booty! 

Anyway, I probably have some antler chewing and food begging to do. 

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Hi! My name is Ollie! 

I live with Haley, Daren, & Declan Bell in Conway and I'm going to turn 3 in September. 

I'm a Pomeranian but some people confuse me for a teddy bear. I don't mind though because I love to snuggle and give kisses to everyone I meet! I've never met a stranger. I can even give high-five's! But, if you really want to be my bff, we can do my favorite thing, play fetch with my frisby! 

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My name is Pearl, and I am a 3 year old Australian Shepherd!

I live in Conway with my mom Terri and I am always in protective Mode. 

I love to swim in the pool and dive for tennis balls! 

I also love my tiny humans Emma and Oliver and spending time at Hounds Hideaway! 

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My nams is Penny and I'm a one year old Doxiedoodle!

I live with my Mom, Charla Cox and moved here from Oregon in March.

My favorite thing to do is to go to Hounds Hideaway and help with the puppies and play catch with my dry food. 

I love people and believe everyone is here to give me tummy rubs.

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My name is Rhydian I live in Conway and I belong to two little girls named Skylaar and Riley. I am a 2 year old pittie Do you like ice cream? I do, or I would if my family ever let me eat some! I am such a clown and I love to make my family laugh, when I'm not giving sad eyes for snacks. I also love to snuggle and they say I snore really loud, but they can't prove it.

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My nams is Ruger and I'm a 2 year old Daschund! 

I live in Wooster with my parents and I have "only child" syndrome something awful and it’s the cutest thing at times until another dog or baby comes around.

I Love to be outdoors!! We just moved from a home that had a fenced in back yard to a home that doesn’t have one at this time .. I stare at the window with my big ole puppy eyes all the time wishing I was outside!

I'm in love with blankets, which is a doxie thing for sure. We have one in each room just for me

My favorite food is peanuts … My “pops”  feeds me some every Sunday while watching golf together on the couch!

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My name is Ellie. I am a one year old Boxer mix. I was found at Camp Robinson hanging on by a thread, but luckily I was rescued. My parents are Amanda & Chase Beene of Conway. I don't realize that I am a big dog. I love playing fetch, doing tricks for treats, cuddling & getting my belly rubbed. I love going riding and visiting my friends at Hounds Hideaway.

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Hi! My name is Savage! I am an 8 month old Lab! I live in Mayflower with my mom and dad, and 2 sisters! I love to go swimming and chew up all of my sisters toys (especially the ones that squeak)! My dad hopes I become a hunting dog but I just want to cuddle in bed with mom and sisters!


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My name is Thumper and I am a 4 year old Great Dane! 

I love to play tug, chase my balls and chew on sticks. 

I live for walks and love seeing squirrels and rabbits! Not sure What I'd do if I caught one... 

I have absolutely no idea how big I am, and I love to snuggle on the couch and get belly rubs

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Hi! My name is Bailey, but my mommy calls me Pretty Pretty Princess, well, because that is what I am!!!

My mommy is Dee Dee Lantz, and we live in Conway.  I will be 2 years old in November and am a pretty Boxer girl.

I like going to Hounds’ Hideaway daycare to play with my friends.  I also like cheese balls that my mommy buys for me and my siblings. We call them “popcorn”!  I am very sassy and like to box my mommy when I get in trouble.  She gets the “squirt-squirt” after me when I do that, and I run like a deer. I really love my mommy!

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Hey Everyone! My name is Titan and I'm two year old, full blooded boxer who loves to play tug o war, play in the sprinkler, take walks and explore and steal my daddy's recliner! I love doing tricks...anything for a treat. I can even give high five!

I live with my mom, Brandi and dad, Matt in Greenbrier and I love to keep them on their toes with my mischief! It's a good thing I'm cute!

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Hello, my name is Tuxtopher Tuxington the Third, but you can call me Tux. I am a rescue and the beloved fur child of Michael and Madelaine Priest of Conway. I'll turn two in November (or so I think. I had it rough before being rescued!) and I am a borgi (border collie/corgi mix) I don't let my short legs keep me from doing much though. I love to swim, play fetch (fetching frisbees is my FAVORITE), chew on my tennis ball collection, and go on roadtrips! I've never met a stranger--human or doggo, but I love being around my people the most. I am not above rolling over and soliciting a belly rub and I will hop into your lap, even if you didn't call for me! I am still learning my tricks, but I can sit, shake, and even speak when asked. (My humans are still working on stay and down, I just get so excited!)

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My name is Wifi Wolverine Waller (aka Wifi the Westie)

I Belong to Chris and Norlyn Waller in Conway, AR and I'm a 4 year old West Highland Terrier (Westie).

I'm a Sweet, spoiled Mama's Boy. I spend my time patiently putting up with my annoying little corgi sister, chewing on bones, and playing with my enormous raquetball collection. My favorite game is to put all my raquetballs under a bench and have mom get them all out until she gets the right one. I'm a fierce protector of my home from terrible things like people walking by outside, and children playing in the street. But I'm really a big softy who loves people, but believes its safest to bark at new people... Just in case they're dangerous.

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Hi, my name is Willie! I'm a 2 year old miniature dapple dachshund. As you can tell I rule the roost!

Right now I live with my parents Casey and Alex in Shreveport, Louisiana but am HOGS fan through and through.

I love getting squeakers out of toys, being spoiled, and visiting my grandparents in Conway/Vilonia.

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My name is Bishop "Bishy" Lee Andrews and I am a 6 1/2 month old Labradoodle. 


My mommy and daddy, Hilary and Evan Andrews of Conway, love me to the moon and back and love to cuddle and hug me a little too tight but that's ok because I bite their ankles for payback. 

I love swimming and being a pool hog at Hounds Hideaway, eating all the treats  and any food I can pull off the counter, tearing apart anything I can get my hands on — especially moms makeup brushes — pulling the covers off my mommy in the morning,  eating all of daddy's socks and barking at anyone I perceive as a threat … which is everyone. 

I'm really good at hide and seek and finding my ball to play. 

I give the best kisses and my sad face gets me anything I want!!!! 

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Their names are Bitzi (boxer and American bulldog mix) and Ruger (English bulldog). Bitzi 3 1/2 years old and Ruger is 8 months old. They still live at home with their parents, Cooper and Rachel. They enjoy sun shiny days where they can lay in the backyard working on their tans. They also love to chase each other around and wrestle. Bitzi usually wins but Ruger is gaining ground each day.

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My name is Cheeto! I’m named after the snacks my daddy sells.

I belong to Doug and Ellen Siler of Conway.

I am 8 years old and my vet says I’m a terrier mix.

I developed diabetes last year and went blind from cataracts a few weeks later. I get insulin shots and eye drops twice a day but I don’t like them very much. I love to take walks around town and I love to have my ears rubbed. I hear the mailman and still bark like crazy at him even though I can’t see him through the window anymore. 

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Hi, my full name is Enzo Castro, but my nick names are Enzo Baby or Mister. My parents are Cheyenne Brewer and Angel Castro from Conway. I am a two and a half year old Yorkie and am full grown at a whopping four pounds!! Don't let my small size fool you, I am a fierce guard dog and will bark at any noises I hear outside my home. My favorite things to do include going to see all my friends at Hounds Hideaway daycare and sleeping on the couch all day with mom and dad. I also like to go shopping at PetSmart and PetCo to get new outfits!

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My name is Chesney. I live in Conway with my human mom Linda Fraser and my human brothers and sister. I am an Australian Shepherd and my mommy loves country music , especially Kenny Chesney, so that's how I got my name .. I like to chance squirrels. I haven't quite got the concept that I'm not actually a lap dog ... but I love snuggles when I'm not running , chasing squirrels!

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Hi Friends! I'm Chewy, a 8 year old Shih tzu & my sister Leia is an 8 month old Pomeranian. Mom says "the force is strong" with us, but we don't know what that means. 

I've been with my mom almost a year. I was rescued from a really bad past. But, it's ok. I've been completely spoiled & love my new life! 

We got Leia as a Christmas present. I wasn't too sure about her at first. But, we're best friends now! I love having a playmate, even if she's really noisy! 

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Hi, we are the Donald dogs!
Daisy the Maltese is 6 years old and loves to do tricks for treats.
Cash the husky is 8 months old and is a huge mommas boy!

Daisy enjoys sunbathing in the backyard and Cash loves to dig big holes for daddy to fill in!

You can catch Daisy cuddling while brother is chewing everything to pieces!

We may look like dogs but our parents tell us we are humans

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My name is Dexter and I will be 3 next month. I live in Conway with my mom and dad Brandi and Nickey Robertson and my brother Espn. I love to go to my meme and papas house. I run SUPER fast. I'm very smart and sweet. I like hanging out with my friends at Hounds Hideaway.

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My nams is June! I'm 6 months old and I  was found abandoned on the side of the road before finding my way into my parents' heart!

 I have a big brother, Brody, who actually weighs about 20 lbs less than little me!

I love to jump through my hula hoop, swim in my pool, and  spend time at my grandparent's farm in NE Arkansas. One of my all time favorites is playing with and chasing sprinklers. I'm still a little clumsy and often forget I now weighs almost 40 lbs when I run and jump up in your arms (I like to give hugs). 

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My name is Knox and I am a 10 year old Border Collie! I live in Conway with my mom Terri and my sister Pearl!

I'm laid back and love everyone I meet. I love to swim and I watch over the tiny humans and if they swim to the deep end of the pool, I jump in and circle them until they grab my tail so I can pull them to safety! 

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My name is Luci I’m a full blooded Labrador and I just had my birthday! Terrible Two’s here I come! I live in Conway with my mom and dad, Wesley and Felicia Reynolds. I love to play in the water, but watch out! Any pool I get in to instantly becomes a hot tub because I love to stick my nose in the water and blow bubbles.

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My name is LuLu and I live in Conway, Arkansas with my Mom, Emily King.

I am a 9 1/2 month old full blooded Dalmatian puppy.

I love howling at sirens, swimming, playing fetch, napping, learning new tricks or anything that involves getting a treat!

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My name is Luna, the beagle! I live with Steve and Debra Stansel who allow me to rule the house. I love to eat and I sniff out treats. I take daily walks around my Westin Park neighborhood where all the children and their parents want to stop and pet me. My favorite thing is going to doggie daycare at Hounds Hideaway. I play there with my other four-legged friends and get all kinds of special attention.

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Hi my name is Marley! I'm a boxer!

I love my humans, but especially my tiny humans. I like to think of them as my puppies because they are my best friends! I love barking, digging, running, licking my tiny humans, and chewing my tiny humans toys! Tug a war is my favorite game!

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My name is Maverick. I am a 1 year old Cocker Spaniel/Cavalier King Charles Spaniel = Cockalier.

I  belong to Beth and Matt Hudspeth and live in Conway.
I love treats of any kind, going to Hounds Hideaway to play with his friends, and hanging out with my humans. I love to take naps while laying in laps and follow my humans everywhere. I also love to chase my kitty sister through the house

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Hi! My name is Levi!  I'm a sweet, happy rescue pup with THREE whole legs! 


I was rescued in Maumelle, but now I live in Conway with my human mom, Amy, and little brother, Gunner, who is a Labrador Retriever.  You know I'm a happy puppy because when I wag my tail, my whole body wags too!


My favorite things are going for walks around the neighborhood (to get pets!), going to see my friends at doggy daycare (for more pets and especially belly rubs) and I really love to bark at animals on the TV! (That last one's really my favorite!)  I love when my human mom gives me bacon treats and I really like my peanut butter treats, but I don't know why my human mom laughs so much when I eat it?


I love meeting new people and insist on saying hi to anyone and everyone because I KNOW they also want to give me belly rubs! 


In honor of National Dog Day 2017, here are some of our furry friends around Faulkner County


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