Health Inspections |October 2017|

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Greenbrier Sonic (98 S. Broadview St) 10/27/17

1. Observation of mold inside the icecream machine needs to be cleaned. Clean the ice machine. 

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Patron Mexican Grill (1475 Hogan Lane, Conway) 10/4/17

1. Food built up on prep cooler handles and refrigerator beside grill. It needs to be cleaned.

2. Paper towels out at handsink. Provide a supply of individual disposable towels or a continuous towel system that supplies the user with clean towel or heated air drying device at each handwashing sink in food prep. toilet an warewashing areas. Corrected on site. 

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Bear's Den Pizza (235 Farris Rd, Conway) 10/11/17

1. Food build up present in pizza prep cooler, on both chest freezers and on plastic containers with flour. Cleaning needed inside pizza prep cooler, on freezer and in bins.

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Pizza Inn (815 Hogan Rd, Conway) 10/4/17

1. Food and dust us built up on oven, cart by oven, wall by oven, walk in cooler, walk in cooler shelves, and dried storage area. These items need to be cleaned. 

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UCA- Mooyah (201 Donaghey, Conway) 10/25/17

1. Cook changed gloves without washing hands. Wash hands anytime contamination could have occurred, when changing tasks, and before putting on gloves. Corrected on site. 

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Mo'Betah Bobuhque ( 281 S Broadview, Greenbrier) 10/3/17

1. The inside walls need to be cleaned from grease on wall from pans. 

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Harp's Food Store (15 N Broadview, Greenbrier) 10/16/17

1. The fans in meat walk in cooler need to be cleaned. The outside of the fans from the compresser are covered in dust. Clean the fans. Manager was aware and they were cleaned while inspecting. 

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Brick Oven Pizza (1475 Hogan Lane, Conway) 10/4/17

1. Holes in door frame are all the way through to outside. They need to be sealed. 

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Pizza Hut-UCA (201 Donaghey, Conway) 10/25/17

1. White rolling sugar bin in back needs to be cleaned.

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McDonald's (1148 Main St, Vilonia) 10/17/17

1. Cleaning needed in dry storage area.

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Chili's (1111 E Oak, Conway) 10/10/17

1. Cleaning needed in ice machine. 

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Sonic (1140 Harkrider, Conway, AR) 10/24/17

1. The floors, walls and celings need to be cleaned. Grease collects on surfaces and dust and dirt will stick. Needs to be cleaned regularly.

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Vilonia Sonic (1161 Main St, Vilonia) 10/17/17

1. Food Build up on sandwich prep refrigerator. It needs to be cleaned. 

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McDonald's (55 Broadview St, Greenbrier) 10/23/17

1. Food workers shall wear hair restraints, beard restraints, and clothing that covers body hair. Anyone in the kitchen including managers must wear a hair restraint when helping in the kitchen with any food prep. 

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Same Ole Joe's (44 S Broadview St, Greenbrier) 10/24/17

1. The handwashing sink has to work in the back at all times.

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Chef Lin's Chinese Restaurant (150 S Broadview, Greenbrier) 10/20/17

1. Provide a supply of individual disposable towels or a continuous towel system that supplies the user with clean towel or heated air drying device at each handwashing sink in food prep. toilet an warewashing areas. Corrected on site. 

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Bailey's BBQ, Catfish and More (1073 Main St, Vilonia) 10/19/17

1. Dishes present in handwashing sink. A handwashing sink shall be maintained so that it is accessible at all times for employees to use, and do not use for purposes other than handwashing. 

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Ole Southern Smokehouse (115 Acklin Gap, Conway) 10/17/17

1. Sanitizing water at 200ppm Chlorine- emptied and refilled.

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El Rancho (1122 Main St, Vilonia) 10/16/17

1. There are broken and missing tiles in dish and grill areas. They need to be replaced. 

2. Food build up on floor under grill, floor under fryer, and on walk in cooler shelved. These areas need to be cleaned. 

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Miraj Flashmarket (1133 Main St, Vilonia) (10/16/17)

1. Walk in cooler shelves have food built up on them. They beed to be cleaned, especially where the chicken and milk is stored. 

2. Dishes in the handwash sink. The handwashing sink. and aids and devices may not be used for food prep or utensil washing, or a service sink or in any other manner other than hand washing. Manager moved items out of sink. 

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Layla's Gyro (2755 Dave Ward, Conway) 10/9/17

1. Food items without lids in walk in cooler. They need to be covered so they are protected from contamination. 

2. Cleaning needed around fryer and prep table area.

3. Food items in walk in prepared on site for use at a later date need a date as to when made on it. items opened and stored for use at a later time need date of when first opened. 


Information is provided by the Faulkner County Health Department.


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