Health Inspections - 1/03/2017

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Blue Sail Coffee, LLC (250 Donaghey Ave Ste 140) 10/28/2016

1. Must have a sign or poster that notifies food workers to wash their hands at all handwashing sinks used

by food workers and shall be clearly visible to food workers.

2. Walls still being painted and paint supplies in food areas.

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1. The handwashing sink and aids and devices may not be used for food preparation or utensil washing,

or a service sink or in any other manner other than handwashing. 

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LAS PALMAS (786 ELSINGER BLVD.) 10/19/2016

1. All prepared food in walk in cooler needs a date of when prepared.

2. Raw eggs stacked above other items in walk in cooler.

3. Light in walk in cooler needs a protective shield.

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MULAN'S (790 Elsinger Blvd) 10/19/2016

1. Raw wood shelves in walk in cooler need to be sealed.

2. Cleaning needed on shelves and floor of walk in cooler. Cleaning needed in walk in freezer.

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1. Food in walk in freezer needs to be stored 6 inches off of the floor.

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PATRON MEXICAN GRILL (1475 Hogan Ln Ste 123) 10/20/2016

1. No bare hand contact with exposed, ready-to-eat food or ice. Use gloves, spatulas, tongs, deli tissue or

other dispensing equipment.

2. Dates needed on items in walk in cooler such as cooked beef and prepared Pico.

3. Raw chicken needs to be stored below other items in walk in cooler. Dry items like rice and beans need

a lid when not in use.

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SMART START ACADEMY, LLC (3005 Dave Ward Dr) 10/3/2016

1. Food temperature measuring device shall be provided and readily accessible for use in ensuring

attainment and maintenance of food temperature

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Umami (500 Amity Rd Ste 1) 10/19/2016

1. Prep cooler by grill is too warm Items were 55F. 

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PRICE CUTTER 348 Food Store (HWY 365 & 6TH STREET) 11/16/2016

1. Flour and sugar shelves need to be cleaned.

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BEAR'S DEN PIZZA (235 Farris Rd) 11/1/2016

1. Door to upright cooler was left cracked open. Food inside was 50F.

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BIG BEN'S (1096 HWY. 64) 11/22/2016

1. Items are thawing in a bucket of water. They need to be thawed under running water, in a cooler, or by


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CHICKEN EXPRESS (2299 Dave Ward Dr) 11/28/2016

1. Warmer box needs to be cleaned.

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1. Prep cooler needs to be cleaned. 

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1. Raw chicken needs to be stored below other items in walk in cooler.

2. Shelves in walk in cooler need to be cleaned.

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HARDEE'S 1500703 (1055 DAVE WARD DR.) 11/30/2016

1. Hamburger freezer by grill needs to be cleaned.

2. Food permit needs to be posted in view of customers.

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JIN WEI CHINESE EXPRESS (2235 Dave Ward Dr Ste 106) 11/28/2016

1. Cleaning needed on sides of grill and under it.

2. Cleaning needed on air vents in kitchen. 

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KROGER 652-DELI (101 WEST OAK STREET) 11/7/2016

1. Wood palettes in walk in freezer need to be painted or sealed.

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Kroger 652-STORE (101 W Oak St) 11/7/2016

1. Wood palettes in stock room need to be painted or sealed.

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MCDONALDS 34504 (1148 Main St) 11/22/2016

1. Cleaning needed behind and to the side of the drink machines.

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ON THE BORDER MEXICAN GRILL & CANTINA (1150 S Amity Road) 11/16/2016

1. Provide a supply of individual disposable towels or a continuous towel system that supplies the user

with a clean towel or a heated-air drying device at each handwashing sink in food preparation, toilet

and warewashing areas.

2. Provide an adequate supply of hand cleanser (liquid, powder or bar) at each handwashing sink.
3. Must have a sign or poster that notifies food workers to wash their hands at all handwashing sinks used

by food workers and shall be clearly visible to food workers.

4. All coolers need to be 41F or below before opening.

5. Construction dust and tools in kitchen need to be cleaned up. Bar area needs to be cleaned.

6. Tiles need to be sealed on edges around kitchen opening.

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SMITTY'S BAR-B-QUE (740 S. HARKRIDER) 11/29/2016

1. Outside door needs to be sealed.

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1. Cleaning needed on vent hood.

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THE DRAFT (2235 Dave Ward Dr Ste 201) 11/28/2016

1. Food not in the original packages for use in Establishment must be identified with the common name of

the Food

2. Food preparation and dispensing utensils cannot be stored in products when not in use. Bulk sugar has

scoop handle in sugar.

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1. On and behind fryers need to be cleaned. Behind grill needs to be cleaned.

2. Walls in kitchen need to be re-painted so they are sealed and able to be cleaned.

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VILONIA SONIC LLC (1161 MAIN ST) 11/22/2016

1. Thermometer on walk in freezer are broken. It needs to be fixed or have another thermometer hanging



Information is provided by the Faulkner County Health Department.


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