Slideshow: Opening day at Cantrell Field

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First to land at the new Cantrell Field's opening day was Bryant Otto, flying an Aviat Husky utility aircraft. Otto is a grandson of the late Dennis F. Cantrell, who the new airport is named for.
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Second on the ground was Roy Montgomery in his 1970 Beechcraft Bonanza.
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Airport Manager Josh Zylks walks to greet Roy Montgomery on Monday morning.
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Former state Speaker of the House Robbie Wills flew the third plane to land Monday morning, A Cessna 172. Wills is a student pilot, and one of the last local pilots to fly solo for the first time out of the "old' Dennis F. Cantrell Field.
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The terminal building and apron at the new airport as seen from the air on Monday.


About a dozen pilots and members of the local aviation community gathered at the new Cantrell Field airport Monday morning to welcome the first planes to land, officially, at the new airport. 

There will be an official grand opening for the airport on Friday.


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