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Ten schools in the Conway Public School District received financial incentives for being high-performing public schools in the state of Arkansas.

The Arkansas School Recognition and Reward Program recognizes the top 20 percent of schools based on academic achievement, academic growth and graduation rates. In the 2013-14 school year, the program recognized 206 public schools as high-performing schools. 

The Top 10 percent Reward Schools include Carl Stuart Middle ($65,316.48), Carolyn Lewis Elementary ($39,619.08), Ellen Smith Elementary ($44,823.78), and Jim Stone Elementary ($41,377.14).

The Top 20 percent Reward Schools include Bob Courtway Middle ($21,818.47), Conway Jr. High ($64,607.27), Julia Lee Moore Elementary ($14,651.15), Raymond and Phyllis Simon Middle ($19,633.93), Ruth Doyle Middle ($24,661.09), and Woodrow Cummins Elementary ($21,944.88).