Posted April 1, 2015 11:34 am - Updated November 11, 2016 02:44 pm

Roundabout Policy

  • Roundabout is published daily.
  • All city, county and school meeting listings will be given highest priority when space is limited.
  • Listings are published by the day the event occurs, time of the event within the day, and alphabetical order for events occurring on the same day at the same time.
  • Listings are formatted in an abbreviated version for print to include the following: name of the event, time, location, contact phone number if included, and pertinent details (i.e. childcare available).
  • Meetings/Events must be free to the public, or cost $5 or less per person if it is sponsored by a non-profit, with the exception of those who have purchased a display ad (see below). Listings with a higher cost will have the option to purchase an ad to promote the event.
  • When a display ad has been purchased for publication in the Log Cabin Democrat for an event costing more than $5 a person, that same event may be published in an abbreviated version in the Roundabout.
  • The Log Cabin Democrat reserves the right to edit listings to ensure all listings are published within space limitations. Service club and organization programs, topics and speakers will be included as space allows.
  • Political – Fundraising events will not be published in the Roundabout. However, political party meetings that are open to the public at no cost will be published. 
  • Tuesdays are generally the largest day for listings and may be subject to the most editing for space.   

Events occurring every day/week/month/one-time events:

  • At a minimum, recurring events are published the day prior and day of the event. However, based on available space and advance notice given, recurring events will be published for additional days.
  • In the case of limited space, a one-time event (play auditions, free concerts/shows, holiday events, book signings, etc.) will be given more space to include all relevant details.