Virtual weigh station gauges trucks in western Arkansas

ALMA, Ark. (AP) — Arkansas' first virtual weigh station that gauges highway trucks in motion is now operating, after years of planning.

The station has been installed on eastbound U.S. 64 in Alma. The station monitors drivers of overweight trucks who might avoid the brick-and-mortar weigh station on Interstate 40.

The system measures weight, speed, vehicle class, license plates and registration numbers, and can take a photo of heavier vehicles. Arkansas Highway Police officers in the district have been trained to use the technology.

Stallion Transportation Group driver Russell Melton says it's smart to install the station because many drivers go around the Instate 40 station.

In Arkansas and across the U.S., vehicles must stay under a certain weight depending on how many axles they have, what they're carrying and what kind of road they're on.



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