Police beat

From Conway Police Department reports


When one falls

Police were called to a home Sunday afternoon, Sept. 10 at 2:48 p.m. The reporting officer arrived and spoke with a man there who had made the call.

The man, 52, said he was playing a game of dominos (tiles, not pizza) with another man when the other man started cheating by “messing up scoring of the points made.” He confronted the man about his failings, he told the officer, which led to an argument between the two.

A third man, the man who lived at the home (and was quoted in the report telling the officer he “didn’t want to get involved in their mess”) told the two dominos players to take it outside. There were children about, and he didn’t want the two arguing in front of the children.

The man speaking with the officer said he walked outside and got on his bike. As he was doing so, the second man threatened him, telling him, “You don’t know who you are messing with.” He, rather than testing the hypothesis, rode off on his bicycle. As he rode off, the second man drove up next to him in his car (a Corvette, per the report) and tried to renew the argument. Instead the man stopped riding his bike and called 911.

There were “too many” men with the same name as the second man in this exchange, the officer reported, so there was no way to determine the suspect. The officer did, however, give the first man the report number and explain the warrants process to him.

Smells good, steals

Police were called to a clothing store on Sept. 11 at 2:30 p.m. about a shoplifter. As police were en route, they were told the shoplifter had already left, on a bicycle, what he was wearing and what he had taken - which amounted to clothing items.

The reporting officer arrived and spoke with a woman there. She said the man left after taking some clothing, including a red shirt with lettering on it,some jeans and some cologne, all of which he wrapped in a red jacket and left without paying. Additional police arrived who began to search the area for the bike-riding man as described.

The reporting officer went to the nearby Don Owen Sports Complex. A bicycle matching the description of the man’s bicycle was parked outside its entrance. The officer walked to the entrance but was met by an employee at the door who told him the center was closed. He did not, the employee told the officer, know who rode the bike parked nearby. The employee admitted that, despite the center being closed, several people had come and gone.

With that, the officer checked in the men’s room of the complex. There he saw a man at the sink wearing a red shirt with black lettering, new jeans and opening a new box of cologne. A jacket laid nearby. The officer asked, and the man said he was just putting some cologne on, it being a gift from his sister.

The officer put the man in handcuffs and put him in the back of a patrol car. They took him to the store where they opened the back door so the woman who initially reported the incident could see the passenger. That was the man who stole from the store, the woman told police.

He, 34, was taken to jail. The bicycle was taken to the police station for safekeeping, the report concluded.

The crowd goes wild

It was Sunday evening, Sept. 10 at 6:46 p.m. when police arrived, responding to a call at 4th Avenue to check on the welfare. The reporting officer arrived and a second officer was already there, who told him the person they were called to check on had already left and he wasn’t able to get any information from the crowd there as to what had taken place.

The reporting officer noted those in the crowd “offered very little assistance to law enforcement.”

A third officer arrived and recognized one of those in the crowd as a man with an outstanding felony warrant. With that, the man was placed under arrest.

This did not sit well with the crowd, which then became “unruly and verbally aggressive,” the officer reported. There were about 15 men and women, and children as well, the officer reported, all of whom were “extremely angry” about the warranted man’s arrest. Adults shouted obscenities at the officers, telling them, in crude and obscene terms, that they should leave. Hand gestures, the officer reported, were also used.

There were three officers in three cars, one of which was already inside his car and moving to leave, the arrested man in the back. The other two were in the crowd and began moving toward their cars while the crowd continued its haranguing. As the reporting officer got in his car, a man stood in front of it, both middle fingers raised and extended, and cursed at the officer. The officer got back out of his car and grabbed the man’s one wrist and told him he was under arrest. There was a struggle and the officer got the man’s second wrist, then putting the man in handcuffs and loading him into the back of the car.

He was taken to jail and issued a citation for disorderly conduct.



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