45 arrested in multi-agency drug bust

The Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office and several other agencies worked together to arrest 45 suspects Wednesday morning.

Forty-five suspects were arrested Wednesday morning in a multi-agency effort to sweep drugs out of Faulkner County.


Sheriff Tim Ryals said there were 53 suspects total and that several agencies joined forces to track them down Wednesday.

“Today was the bust out day that we decided we’d go out and arrest all these folks,” he told the Log Cabin Democrat.

Ryals said the sheriff’s office conducted two residential search warrants in Conway at 6 a.m. before tracking down other suspects.

Several agencies assisted in Wednesday’s bust including FCSO, the 20th Judicial Drug Task Force, Conway Police Department, Arkansas State Police, Arkansas Highway Police, Arkansas Probation and Parole, Drug Enforcement Agency and other federal agencies. Collectively, 45 suspects were arrested and taken to the Faulkner County Detention Center.

Authorities seized “everything from marijuana to heroin,” Ryals said.

Investigators with the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office initiated the investigation in 2014 and from there the 20th Judicial District Drug Task Force jumped on board to assist FCSO.

Ryals said FCSO and the 20th Judicial District Drug Task Force were the main agencies behind the two-and-a-half-year investigation, noting investigators conducted at least three controlled buys on each suspect.

“We have great detectives that work tirelessly,” he said.

Ryals said Wednesday’s bust helps show Faulkner County residents the sheriff’s office is working to fulfill its obligation in the War On Drugs.

“We are out here utilizing our undercover detectives; they work day and night,” he said.

Each of the 45 suspects was arrested on suspicion of delivering a controlled substance.

Arrestees included:

  • Aubrey Evan Roberts III.
  • Stephen Carl Hackenson.
  • Justin Tarinelli.
  • Jordan Brader.
  • Nathan Daniel Sherman.
  • Charlottee Curtis.
  • Susan Mathis.
  • Samantha Hewett.
  • Rex Dalton Cole.
  • Drew Fagan.
  • William Adams.
  • Crystal Dawn Gray.
  • James Crenshaw Jr.
  • Jeremy Lee Webb.
  • Bryan James Wade.
  • Bart Lamert.
  • Derwin Erby.
  • Cameron Jordan Patrick.
  • Paula Gwyn Rios.
  • Mary Ann Hillman.
  • Clifton Earl Payne.
  • Christy Lynn Creasy.
  • Cordney Jackson.
  • Emillo Peter Marcial.
  • Leon D. James.
  • Rico Deangelo Patton.
  • Michael Ryan Parker.
  • Larry Patrick.
  • David Mitchell.
  • Derek L. Hoggard.
  • Eric D. Crenshaw.
  • Kayla Underwood.
  • Ruby Bradberry.
  • James Robert Branscum.
  • Kenneth Trammell Virgil.
  • Lacey Michelle Reeves.
  • Robert Neal Bo Belli.
  • Wesley Junior Meeks.
  • Travis Canady.
  • Darnell Washington.
  • Marcius Haywood.
  • Melanie Lee.
  • Tamara Fagan.
  • Lloyd T. Stevenson.
  • Thomas Weathers.

Serena Beltowski 6 months ago
When are we going to stop wasting valuable resources on marijuana? I fully support arresting criminals, but it is well known that the general public doesn't want to see time and energy spent "catching" people that use marijuana.  The random pothead out there is not who makes me feel unsafe and who I feel I need protection from.  
Katie Ward 6 months ago
I totall agree!! Medical will be here in july. And im pretty sure pitheads arent out there stealing. Stuff from peoples property, right down to the light bulb off our porch. 
Jeri Sutherland-Parker 6 months ago
Jonathan Lowder 6 months ago
Way to go popo.  Out of all those people it sounds like you didn't seize any real amount of drugs that would have warranted a mass arrest like this.  Thank you for continuing to waist all of our tax dollars.  
Barry Veazey 6 months ago
What?  No drugs to speak of?  All you did was arrest a bunch of potheads?  Makes me wonder why I pay taxes in this county.  We don't give a damn about the potheads, if you want to be effective get the meth heads.  Potheads aren't causing anyone any problems it's the other idiots.  No I am not impressed with this at all, it is a TOTAL waste of my taxpayer money.
Good on you guys.......Can't pick and choose which laws to obey.  Don't like getting arrested for Pot, get the law changed.  Otherwise.......BTW Heroin isn't a mild drug.  I agree on the Meth heads too.....Bookem all Danno!  Keep it up and get the dealers that's where to really hurt em.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
Diiane Witt 5 months ago
law is changed  Medical marijuana. they are just dragging their feet to delay .
William Martin 6 months ago
Wow, they caught some major drug traffickers.
Julian Chapman 6 months ago
So they want to focus time on getting people that have had minor offenses selling marijuana but there not out getting the major crack, heroin, meth, x dealers? It very much confuses me. Because half the people on that list you got them for what, distribution of marijuana probably under a half oz? Come on now Conway Police Department. Shame on you! And 2 year long investigation? WHAT! So for 2 years you have been using tax payer money to look into this "problem" of marijuana? It's medically legal now and it wouldn't be unless people weren't assured that it really isn't a bad thing. You could have simply found all these guys within a couple week. Especially with more drugs.I am calling on Conway Police department to let out information on exactly how many drugs were seized!
Eva Leonard 6 months ago
My daughter was robbed at Walmart by a " random" pot head. She had to chase him down on foot to get her wallet back. All drugs are a problem and we can't pick and choose what laws we are going to follow. 
Brian Poulin 6 months ago
how do you know for sure he was a "pot Head"?  Marijuana users don't usually rob, steal or doing things illegal to get their drug? And your daughter wasn't very smart to chase after him. Was her wallet more important than her life? Why was she trying to be a hero and go after someone who just robbed her? She didn't know what she was encountering? This story seems kind of far fetched? A female chasing down a random pot head male who just robbed her...seriously?
David A Lavoie 6 months ago
LOL spoken like a true low IQ Trump supporter
William Martin 3 months ago
Excellent defense instead of crying!  Just say they're a Trump supporter!
William Thompson 5 months ago
You folks who love pot so much . Don't know much about the actual outcome of what your asking for . When it's taxed and made somewhat legal.  The state and fed governments will be kicking you dumb mfs ass . And throwing you in jail for not only unlawfull position but tax evasion too. . Real smart making it legal 


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