Police Beat

Bat man


Police were called to a gas station Thursday night, March 16, at just after 8 p.m. A man there, officers were told, was causing a disturbance.

The reporting officer arrived and spoke with the clerk there and was told a man attacked the clerk and then ran off behind the store. The officer went behind the store and found a man there, noting straight-away the “odor of intoxicants” coming from him, coupled with bloodshot and watery eyes and, also notable, a cut on the back of his head. He asked the man about the cut and was told the clerk had hit him with a baseball bat. A “Why?” question followed, and the man told the officer he and the clerk argued over sales tax, the argument punctuated with a baseball bat strike.

A second officer arrived, as did an ambulance. The investigation continued.

Leaving the second officer with the out-back man, the officer returned to speak with the clerk, 31. The clerk told him the other man came into the store to buy some potato chips. He said to the man, he told the officer, that he thought he had stolen some chips. The man, 58, had not, was able to prove so, but was now “very upset” about the accusation. He apologized to the customer, the clerk told the officer, but this didn’t slow things down, and the man began to follow the clerk around the store, cursing at him.

Apologies continued, he told the officer, but this did not placate the customer, who continued to follow him and curse at him. The clerk asked the man to leave. Instead the man continued to follow the clerk, cursing all the while, and then followed the clerk as he went behind the counter to the register. With this the clerk pulled out a baseball bat and told the man to leave. The man assumed a fighting stance, he told the officer. The man then took a step toward him. He pushed the man bank, the clerk explained, and they began to fight. It was at this point he hit the man with the bat.

Thus the man left the store, leaving the clerk. The clerk called police. Arrangements were made for police to get a copy of the video of the exchange later.

The man out back, it turned out, had a warrant out of (ironically) Conway County. He was taken to jail. No arrests were made regarding the gas station conflagration.

Story 2

Police were called to Conway Regional at 2:40 p.m., March 16, a Thursday. A man was inside the hospital who had been criminally trespassed from the hospital earlier.

The reporting officer arrived and picked the man up, taking him downtown and issuing him a citation for violation of the criminal trespass.

The report continued, “Since [the man] had broken his arm earlier in the day and refused medical attention, Faulkner County Unit II refused to accept [the man].” (“Unit II,” also “Unit 2” in some reports, is the jail.) A second report was listed regarding the officer’s earlier interaction with the man. No details were given in this report about the arm breaking or circumstances leading up to the criminal trespass.

The man, 47, would not cooperate to have his mugshots taken, the report stated, nor would he sign his citation. A picture of the man at the hospital was attached to the report, the report concluded.

Work mates

March 15 was a Wednesday, and that day, just after 7 p.m. and man called police about his being harassed.

The reporting officer went to the man’s home and spoke with him. There he was told by the man of a second man after the two had been “involved in an incident a while ago,” using the formal language of police reports.

Since that incident had taken place, the report continued, the man speaking with the officer continued to be harassed by the other man. The harassment, he went on to explain, involved that man driving past his house almost daily. Each time he drove past the house the other man would honk his horn, yell, and raise a single finger, letting the person now speaking with the officer know that he was number one. The campaign had been under way for over a week now, the man told the officer, a campaign which he found “alarming,” it was reported.

The alarm he explained, in response to the officer’s question, was due to the same man having put a gun in his face “about a year ago,” the report stated.

He was given a report number and the warrants process was explained to him.



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Police beat

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