Police investigating suspected 'criminal enterprise' run out of neighborhood home

Conway police are logging a menagerie of high-ticket items found at a subdivision home that investigators suspect were bought using stolen credit card information.


Refrigerators, kitchen appliances including a stove and office furniture, all new-in-box, were among the items in the garage at the home on Knight’s Lane in a subdivision off South Salem Road, along with two late-model Dodge V-8 engines. Police executed a search warrant on Tuesday afternoon.

It is suspected that the residents of the house were re-selling the items, possibly online.

Inside the home were more suspected furniture and other items, as well as packing slips and invoices showing where the items were shipped from. CPD Det. Brian Williams said there are about a dozen victims of the scam identified so far, including many from other states.

Two men have been arrested, but police weren’t releasing their identity Tuesday afternoon. The men are said to be from overseas. Detectives are looking into who else may have been involved and how the alleged thieves got the credit card information. 

CPD spokesperson La Tresha Woodruff said that poilce were tipped when appliance rental company employees went to the home to collect an item for delinquent payments and suspected something was amiss after seeing the garage full of stuff.



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The family of the late Meredith Floyd has established a scholarship in her memory at their alma mater, the University of Central Arkansas, entitled the Meredith Susanne Floyd Endowed Scholarship.

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