UALR announces Spring 2014 Chancellor's list

UALR recognizes those students whose academic performances have been superior at the end of each semester and in which the following qualifications have been met: At least nine hours for credit with a grade of A, B, C, or CR, at least a 3.9 grade point average, and no D, F, I, or NC grades on the semester grade report.


The following students were named to the 2014 Chancellor’s list:

Hannah Fulmer of Conway, Ark.

Rachel Lott of Conway, Ark.

Michelle Lewis of Conway, Ark.

Sarah Batie of Conway, Ark.

Sharonte Lambert of Conway, Ark.

Ashley Cyr of Conway, Ark.

William Ellis of Conway, Ark.

Jennifer Poole of Conway, Ark.

John Kline of Conway, Ark.

Christopher Yates of Conway, Ark.

Katherine Burris of Conway, Ark.

Cassandra Garvey of Greenbrier, Ark.

Misty Staub of Greenbrier, Ark.

Ashlea Collins of Greenbrier, Ark.

Kara Castle of Jacksonville, Ark.

Brandi Schroeder of Jacksonville, Ark.

Marisa Hulley of Jacksonville, Ark.

Melinda Harris of Jacksonville, Ark.

Christy Dajani of Jacksonville, Ark.

Scott Bollen of Jacksonville, Ark.

Michelle Peters of Jacksonville, Ark.

Tajwanna Hudson of Jacksonville, Ark.

Jetta Schirmer of Jacksonville, Ark.

Taylor Smith of Jacksonville, Ark.

Polina Costlow of Jacksonville, Ark.

Melissa Wesenberg of Jacksonville, Ark.

Maija Jones of Jacksonville, Ark.

Brandon Snider of Jacksonville, Ark.

Bailey Dawson of Mayflower, Ark.

Taurine Main of Mayflower, Ark.

Janet Patrick of Mayflower, Ark.

Kallesta Roberts of Vilonia, Ark.

Erika Maples of Vilonia, Ark.

Richard Ussery of Vlionia, Ark.

Matthew Head of Conway, Ark.

Alex Ebmeyer of Conway, Ark.

Madasyn Grasby of Jacksonville, Ark.

Shawn Moix of Conway, Ark.

Wesley Baltimore of Jacksonville, Ark.

Lelia Schuchardt of Jacksonville, Ark.

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