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Wellness sweeps UCA campus

Posted: April 16, 2014 - 10:37am
Local businesses and UCA student groups gear up for the Wellness fair.
Local businesses and UCA student groups gear up for the Wellness fair.

Spring has sprung and health has been on the minds of many people in the Conway community. One in particular is UCA Assistant Director for Student Wellness, Jenna Davidson.

The UCA Wellness fair was Tuesday. The fair boasted over 60 businesses in attendance. Among the businesses were student groups advocating health and wellness. Bright banners and signs advertised activities and services from intramural sports to dermatology.

The word of success from last year’s wellness fair was heard by many businesses in the area. “This year businesses and organizations have contacted us requesting to be a part of the fair,” said Davidson.

“Some professors have offered extra credit for students who participate in the fair,” said Davidson. Many students were seen at booths offering information on Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Dietics, and many more.

“I didn’t know we had an Occupational Therapy program here. It’s neat to see our peers so enthusiastic about what they are studying,” said UCA Sophomore Mandi Ellis.

The UCA department for Student Wellness and Development strive to improve student health on the Mind, Body and Spirit level. This year students were given a UCA bag full of campus resources information. Campus services range from physical health training available at the student gym (HPER) to on-site counseling services and medical care.

“I’m so glad there are resources here for me to take advantage of. The Freshman 15 is real. Without the HPER and counseling services I’m not sure what I would have done,” said Ellis.

Students attending the event had the chance to win a slew of door prizes by simply visiting at least five booths. In addition, the first 20 students received a free UCA Student Wellness T-shirt.

Although many students came for the extra credit and free loot, many left with a new perspective of wellness. “I came here only to get a few points for class, but seeing all of these booths really opened my eyes. It’s Spring. Who says new year’s resolutions have to start in January?” said Kayt Marian, student at UCA.

For more information about student wellness services, contact Jenna Davidson jdavidson@uca.edu or by phone 501-450-3397.

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