Mayflower Faces: Mayflower High School Baseball Coach

Joseph Allbritton


I have lived here for 18 years.

It was in the middle of baseball season, so I was not really focused on it.

I live on the Lake, so I did not want the fishing to be ruined; I never saw any damage other than what I saw off of the highway.

The smell was bad for about a month. I hunt the Bell Slough area and feared it would leech into that bottomland area.

Exxon was very good to the schools in Mayflower. 

I know people who were directly affected and did not have a good experience. Today it just seems like it never happened because I was not directly affected.

Outside of my little world, I guess it has had a profound effect on the growth and well-being of Mayflower, but I think if there is little negative environmental damage (long term) Mayflower will recover in full.




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