Many local school districts cutting into summer break due to recent weather

With several winter storms this year, some local school districts are having to extend classes into the summer to make up days.

Some districts have not made decisions yet and most likely will not until their next board meetings.

As of right now, Conway Public Schools’ last day will be June 4. Greenbrier School District’s last day will be June 5.

Although not formally approved by the board yet, Guy-Perkins School District plans to finish up June 6. The district has missed 10 days and, although they have had to use some holidays to make up for snow days, spring break will not be utilized as make-up days.

Mayflower Superintendent John Gray said the board will be deciding when students will be making up the most recent snow days. They have missed six days this year — two were made up on holidays, two will most likely be made up at the end of the year and the other two have not been decided.

Mount Vernon-Enola, Vilonia and Quitman school districts have not made decisions on when they will be making up the most recent snow days.

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