Police beat 3/5/14: Tire slashers, prospective burglars and 'the leafy green'

Among reports recently released by the Conway Police Department:


• Residential burglary at the 1100 block of Gum Street.

A resident reported that at some point between 9 a.m. and 1:00 on Tuesday someone broke a window to enter a home. Nothing seemed to have been taken.


• Residential burglary at the 400 block of Robins Street.

A resident reported that at some point between 8 a.m. and 1:00 on Tuesday someone pried open the door of a residence and rifled through the person’s things. Again, nothing seemed to have been taken.


• Criminal mischief/possible residential burglary at the 1300 block of Mitchell Street.

A resident reported that at some point Tuesday evening or afternoon someone tried to force open a window. It could have been a prospective burglar, or it might have been a roommate who lost his key and was trying to get in.


• Arkansas State Police possible child abuse investigation.

State police are investigating whether there was any wrongdoing in a case involving a three-month-old’s broken leg.


• Criminal mischief at the 1600 block of Donaghey Avenue and the 2000 block of Arkansas Avenue.

At some point over the weekend or early in the week a vandal or vandals slashed the tires of two vans owned by a business and one car parked at a residence.


• Criminal mischief at 2400 block of Whitehall Drive.

A landlord reported that a tenant had damaged a rental residence’s paint and carpet and had apparently taken the ceiling fan with them when they moved out.


• Forgery at 200 block of Skyline Drive.

A resident of another county reported that a thief had written a check on his account to buy $2,834 worth of something at Conway’s Sears store.


• Found property.

A resident went to the police station to turn in a plastic baggie with what was feared to be suspected green leafy vegetable matter inside of it. The suspected green leafy vegetable matter was taken to be disposed of. 


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