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Shock announces candidacy for re-election

Posted: February 13, 2014 - 6:20pm

Faulkner County Sheriff Andy Shock has announced his candidacy for re-election.

During his first year of administration, Sheriff Shock increased law enforcement presence and coverage in the county while also increasing personnel in criminal investigations, courtroom security and 911/Communications. Sheriff Shock initiated a Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office School Resource Program, adding three full time deputies to Faulkner County schools. The school resource deputies are assigned to the Mount Vernon-Enola, Mayflower and Guy-Perkins school districts, but still provide services to all school districts within Faulkner County.

All of these additions were budget neutral, having stayed within the same budget. Monies used were from eliminating several higher ranking positions.

Sheriff Shock added the first ever departmental website, www.fcso.ar.gov. County residents can go to this website and register their email address and/or their cell phone numbers to receive email and/or text notifications when the department has a media release. Residents can also track and educate themselves on the locations, offenses and convictions of registered sexual offenders. The website also allows residents to see who is incarcerated, and addresses many of the public’s frequently asked questions.

Sheriff Shock placed a kiosk in the lobby of the FCSO for the public to deposit funds into any inmate’s account, and also placed a drug take back drop box in the lobby for anyone who wants to dispose of any medications.

Sheriff Shock also cut the food budget in half and is now serving only cold cuts and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to the inmates.

The cost is a little under 50 cents for each inmate meal. The inmates still receive the number of calories required by law, per day.

Sheriff Shock began his law enforcement career as a Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office Reserve Deputy in 1999. Before he was elected sheriff in 2012, he served the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office in many capacities such as Reserve Deputy, Patrol Deputy, Patrol Sgt., Criminal Investigator, Patrol Lieutenant and Enforcement Major.

During 2012 Shock supervised a 9.7 million dollar budget, supervising two jails and more than 200 employees.

Shock resides in the Saltillo Community along with his wife of almost 20 years, Kim (Kelley) Shock. They have two children, Ryan, 18 and Allison, 16. Ryan attends college at ASU Beebe and Allison is enrolled in the Vilonia School District.

Shock is a member of Oak Bowery Baptist Church, National Rifle Association & Arkansas Sheriff’s Association. He is a 2012 graduate of the Faulkner County Leadership Institute and also serves on the Act 309 Department of Corrections Oversight Committee.

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faulknerwatchdog 02/16/14 - 08:41 am
Just to clarify, after

Just to clarify, after "increasing courtroom security," a very violent inmate escaped from court.

After increasing criminal investigations, the amount of unsolved crimes remains unacceptable.

I'll admit, the school resource deputies are nice, but are Mt. Vernon-Enola and Guy-Perkins that bad? The kiosk and drop box at the jails are also nice, but is that enough to warrant reelection?

Funny how the "unbiased" LCD doesn't highlight the lows in Shock's first term: 5 escapes, 2 in-custody deaths, and the malicious and false arrest of a former jailer.

Outdoorsie 02/17/14 - 06:54 pm
Now wait a second

Ur giving him to much credit watchdog. It was 6 escapes..chatmon,Roy,Wilson,Jackson,vermillion,and a juvenile. And both of the deaths could have been avoided. The first if CPR was given like training taught, even tho most of the officers there the certification is expired or due to the HIGH turnover rate they are so new they weren't trained yet, and the other was due to officers seeing the man laying in the floor and not checking on him. And let's not forget how one of the mentally challenged detainees was mased or tazed everytime officers went into her cell. And if I recall correctly the same detainee was ordered into the restraint chair because she said some words to captain Vincent that he didn't like. Funny how the officers have to take verbal abuse but if u say one bad thing to a "supervisor" you are swiftly punished. And the right to a due process is commonly waived by the same captain Vincent. That man has set shock up for some bad things.

Jollymusician 02/17/14 - 07:37 pm
As far...

Chatmon's escape could have happened at any courthouse, anywhere. There are always flaws in everything (In the words of Mr. Finch form PoI, "If they didn't want you in it, they should have designed it better." Substitute "in it" with "getting out," then it will make sense). Second, I am not sure how anyone really knows what happens in the jail, because you have the inmates (who sometimes might make something up in order to cause problems or leniency) or the guards who probably are not allowed to discuss the current inmate population. I have not heard about any inmate dying in the Faulkner County Jail (this would have made news no matter what), so I would hope that there is some confirmation that someone died while being held. I have come to learn that no one incumbent or candidate can please everyone, there will always be those who support one or the other. I do not believe that I have seen a sheriff's election with one candidate or the other having 100% of the support of the county's residents. Also, while the sheriff is an elected position, the office still answers to the Quorum Court. If you have an issue that is not being resolved with the Sheriff's Office, document all communications, and try to get the QC involved.

357 02/18/14 - 11:15 am
Quorum Court??

The elected sheriff is accountable to the electorate, NOT to the Quorum Court. The QC is the legislative body of county government and the only oversight the QC as over the sheriff (or any elected county official for that matter) is their budget.

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