McCollum receives Lions Club honorary membership

For his work covering various Lions Club events, Log Cabin Democrat sports columnist David McCollum received an honorary membership into the Conway Noon Lions Club on Tuesday.


“David has been so good to cover our events, he writes tremendous articles,” Jim Davidson said. “With an event like we have, the Harlem Ambassadors, we’d be dead in the water if it were not for publicity.”

Davidson said McCollum was paramount in getting the word out on the event through submitted articles, but also through work of his own.

“He wrote two or three articles that were just outstanding,” he said. “[McCollum] has such a knack, he’s uncanny in his ability to make an idea come alive, and so clear. We’re just grateful to him.”

While presenting McCollum with a plaque, Davidson gave high-praise to the more than 30-year sports writing veteran, and Arkansas Sportscasters and Sportswriters Hall of Fame member.

“I’ve traveled pretty well throughout the state of Arkansas, I’m convinced David is the best sportswriter in our state,” Davidson said.

The featured speaker of Tuesday’s Lions Club meeting, Hendrix College President W. Ellis Arnold III, stated his praise of McCollum as well.

“He’s helped tell the Hendrix story in many ways for a long time,” Arnold said. “He’s always been fair, and his gift of writing has really helped connect with people in this community.”

McCollum said the magnitude of the honor was a welcome surprise to him.

“It’s really a great honor to be recognized by a civic club, particularly those who have a service project in mind,” McCollum said. “Certainly, the Lions Club is representative of giving people sight, which is something all of us have, but don’t appreciate as much.

“It’s better get a plaque given to you than thrown at you.”

The honor McCollum received is rare, according to Davidson, who said McCollum is only the fourth person to receive an honorary membership from the Conway group in the past 20 years.

Davidson said the Lions Club international guidelines allow for community members who make an “outstanding contribution” to the club to be named an honorary member.



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