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CPD receives reports of 'wave' of break-ins

Posted: January 1, 2014 - 8:43pm

Conway Police Department incident reports released on Tuesday show eight vehicle breaking-and-entering crimes in Conway in the last few days.

On the 4800 block of Abbey Gail Drive, just south of the far western end of Prince Street, officers investigating one report of thieves stealing things from a parked vehicle before dawn on Monday noticed another car with its door ajar. A Coach-brand purse and wallet was stolen from one vehicle and $10 and a pair of Ducky Dynasty sunglasses from the other, but the thief or thieves threw the purse — quite a valuable thing in its own right — into the bed of a nearby pickup truck, minus its wallet.

A few hours earlier, in the first hours of Monday morning, an officer responding to a vehicle break-in at the 500 block of South Mitchell Street, near the northeast corner of Donaghey Avenue and Dave Ward Drive, ended up taking two reports when the first victim’s roommate saw that her car had been broken into as well. The thief or thieves apparently just rifled through one car’s console and glovebox, but stole $300 cash from the other car. Both victims said they thought the cars had been locked.

Also late Sunday night or early Monday morning a thief or thieves broke into a car and a truck parked at a home at the 1500 block of Freyaldenhoven Lane, just off Siebenmorgen Road. Nothing seemed to be missing from one, but an Apple iPad, TomTom GPS unit, Browning-brand flashlight, SOG-brand knife and a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses was stolen from the other.

Around the same time a thief or thieves were breaking into a truck at the 3600 block of Jeanna Drive, about a block east of the Conway Country Club, stealing a Dell 15-inch laptop and a backpack. Police notified the victim after finding her name tag in the backpack, which the thief or thieves had discarded.

And also around the same time at the 4000 block of Irby Drive, just east of the Centennial Valley Country Club, a thief or thieves broke into a truck and stole an Osprey-brand backpack, a Taylor guitar, a drawstring bag with “big stuff” printed on the front of it, an Arkansas jacket, and a Bible with the message “to Drew” written on the first page.

Finally, a report released on Tuesday states that at some point between Friday night and early Saturday morning a thief or thieves broke into a truck at the 1600 block of Southern Hills Drive, about a mile south of Dave Ward Drive, and stole a .40 ACP Taurus handgun. The victim reported that the thief or thieves probably were able to get into the vehicle because he’d not fully closed a door, meaning that hitting the remote locking button didn’t do the job.

In other reports released on Tuesday by the Conway Police Department:

Residential burglary at the 2700 block of Dave Ward Drive. Resident reported that at some point last week, while the resident was away, a thief or thieves had forced a door open and stole a MacBook Pro laptop, a Samsung 32” TV and Samsung BluRay player, a toolbox and an Adidas backpack.

Residential burglary at the 1100 block of Cumulus Drive. Resident reported that at some point between late Sunday night and Dec. 23 a thief or thieves forced a door open and stole a 42” LG TV, a Playstation 3 and a Lorcin .32 ACP pistol.

Motor vehicle theft at the 500 block of South Mitchell Street. Victim reported that at some point on Sunday a thief or thieves had stolen a white 2011 Kia Soul from a driveway.

Public intoxication at the corner of East German Lane and Oak Street. An officer responding to reports of a possibly intoxicated person on Sunday night found a man allegedly standing in an unsteady way who told the officer that he’d be OK “if the little man on the [pedestrian crossing signal] light would let him cross the street,” according to the report. The officer states in the report that the man didn’t know his address other than “somewhere on” a certain street, and that he was “stumbling.” Determining that he was possibly intoxicated in public, the officer arrested the man, who admitted both that he’d been drinking for two or three hours and that he was carrying a S&W .357 Magnum revolver and a Boberg 9mm semiautomatic pistol. The man didn’t say where he’d been drinking, but the Arkansas Legislature this year amended the language of the “carrying a weapon” statute, striking language that prohibited carrying concealed weapons into a business that serves alcohol.

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