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Miss Arkansas brings anti-bully message to students

Posted: December 9, 2013 - 4:30pm

“All In Arkansas” – That was the message Amy Crane, 2013 Miss Arkansas, brought to almost 1,000 elementary and junior high students at Greenbrier schools. Her “All In Arkansas” slogan comes from her platform that all residents in Arkansas, adults and students alike, should take an active part in stopping the bullying and cyber-bullying epidemic our country is experiencing today.

Through an explanation of her personal experience with cyber-bullying that ultimately forced her family to uproot from their hometown and move to another place, she showed the students first-hand her survival story and the effects it had on her as a person. Her experience has molded her into the young lady she has become today, and she showed students that you can be a survivor and go on to make a difference. Her ultimate message of respecting each other was conveyed to the students in a positive and enthusiastic way.

While at Greenbrier, Crane performed her talent of tap dancing for the students. She also conducted her own fun “Mr. Arkansas 2013” pageant using students from the audience. This was an exciting time for the students who were able to participate in the voting process.

“Miss Arkansas is a role model for our young people. I think it is important for them to see and hear just how bullying and cyber-bullying can affect everyone. She is a great asset for Arkansas,” said Amy Wilson, counselor at Greenbrier Junior High.

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