Fox's Den: Weather messes with holiday activities

Step into my den, pull up a comfy chair and a cup of tea and let’s chat.

Let me apologize to all the Greenbrier elves for thinking they were not decorating for Christmas. As you can see, the Monday after Thanksgiving the elves had put up a Merry Christmas welcome sign, a beautiful nativity display and Santa in a sleigh spread across the length of our City Hall. Beautiful!

Weather dominated this week’s planned seasonal festivities and postponed almost everything. The only event that went as planned was the Junior High and High School choir silent auction and show. Even though rain started Monday evening, they managed to hold their silent auction and a concert with beautiful music of the season. Well done director Ellen Westerman and students!

Ice then decided to cover most of Arkansas and triggered that Southern tradition of grocery store runs and frantic buying. I must admit I was one of those who went looking for items to bake cookies with, and our grocers could not have been busier in Greenbrier on Thursday. Being a Yankee transplant from Chicago-land, I never quite understood why Southerners do this; but now that I’ve been home for three days, baked 15 dozen cookies, thankful that my power stayed on, talked with my Atlanta, Ga., friends who were sitting on a porch in 70-degree weather and called to rub it in and got most of my gift buying done on-line, I understand a little better how nice it is to stay off the roads when everyone else does the same in the South. Have I become a true Southerner yet?!

My favorite things this season include football games in the snow (Eagles and Lions game — I almost expected a snow-ball fight any minute), kittens with whiskers, Snickerdoodles, hot apple cider, warm knitted mittens and carols of the season. Send me some of your favorite things.

Notice all the re-schedules of events in our Community Calendar. Your Christmas season is now launched with early winter, music and good food. Celebrate with joy! Give me a call or drop me a line if you would like to chat……

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