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Faulkner County students need help

Community Christmas Card ensures students don't go without

Posted: December 9, 2013 - 3:20pm

Community Christmas Card organizers say donations to this year’s fundraiser for Faulkner County students are lower than in years past.

The effort, always popular among local residents, supplies area school counselors with an unrestricted fund each year.

The fund, often called “the Christmas money” or “the Christmas fund,” is used year round without regulation or red tape to meet the immediate needs of students.

Student needs are often clothing, food, glasses, shoes, and school supplies.

In 2012 the Community Christmas Card raised $22,521.

Every penny of the amount was forwarded and divided among Faulkner County schools, where counselors by now will be running low on money.

“It is important each and every year that we remember this fund and what it means to a kid in need. There are always children who fall through the cracks of the system and who don’t receive the services they need to be on the same playing field as their peers,” said Richard Duke, Log Cabin Democrat editor. “Your donation means a pair of glasses for the kid who is smart and eager, but who can’t see the board. It might go to the little girl whose shoes are too tight, or to the junior high student whose classmates are tired of supplying him notebook paper every day.”

The final total of names in last year’s card numbered 3,987, but many donations were made anonymously.

Those who contribute $1 or more to the Community Christmas Card will have his or her name or the name of the person or people in whose honor a donation was made included in the special section printing Christmas Day in the Log Cabin Democrat.

“A lot of the donations we receive are made as gifts to loved ones. It is a heartwarming experience to have people make donations in honor of others for Christmas. It is a truly kind and unique gift to give to Faulkner County’s deserving children this holiday season,” said Chealsey Mosby, Community Christmas Card organizer.

To be included in the card and project, make donations by mail, online or at the Log Cabin office. Donations may be sent to Community Christmas Card, P.O. Box 969, Conway AR 72033, online at thecabin.net, or at the Log Cabin office at 1111 Main Street, Suite 102 in Federal Plaza in Conway.

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