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Community Corner Dec. 7

Posted: December 6, 2013 - 1:57pm


Hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving and didn’t eat too much turkey! We are blessed in one way or another.

Last week Landon Dowdy spent the week with his Nana ‘cause school was out. He is such a little man. He brought his sight words up in his popcorn bag, which each sight word was on a piece of popcorn paper. He drilled me, I drilled him and he also played and drilled his Granny Betty. That was good for her too. He was so excited that she got them right! He came running to me and said, “‘Granny Betty knew these words, she can still remember.’” From the mouths of babes that is for sure. 

Keep the following in your prayers: The family of Frankie Dee Battles, who had another stroke and passed away Wednesday. Nina Bivens just got out of the hospital. Betty Griffith, Wilma Stevenson, Montene Tarkington, Venice Joyner and Les Vance families. Robbie Mode Ward, who recently had open heart surgery. And anyone else that is sick or has lost a loved one. I know those first holidays are rough when you lose a loved one.

Landon and I attended the lighting of the courthouse lights and tree. It was really beautiful and was a great turn out of 100 or more. I told Landon we were going to make history tonight and he wanted to know what was that! I explained to him that it had been years since they had lights at the courthouse so we are going to be a part of the history for lighting the lights. He thought for a minute and said Nana was that way back when dinosaurs were the first ones to live here. I laughed and said no not that far back. It was a great ceremony and thanks to all the volunteers, Judge Allen Dodson and those that contributed money, time, ect., to this wonderful project. We had a great time taking pictures and visiting with people. Got to pass out Polar Plunge fliers too! 

Now I know that everyone had family for Thanksgiving, why not share with me who visited you? I can’t put news in if I don’t know it. 

We went to my sister’s Carolyn’s in Bryant. Sandy and I went Black Friday shopping on Thursday night. It kinda took the fun out of doing it ‘cause it was early and I didn’t get to get up in the middle of the night to wait in line. Just saying my opinion. 

Have a great week and I hope everyone is not iced in when you are reading this, if so be safe, stay warm! And send news to holtb42@yahoo.com or call 679-3299.


Last Sunday, our church decided to host again the Centerville School Reunion. So, mark your calendars for June 28, 2014, and plan to show up at Centerville United Methodist Church about 10 a.m. on that date. Ladies of the church will prepare lunch, and fond memories can be shared once more. Additional information will be given as we go along, but right now record the event some place where you won’t overlook it.

Several families seemed to be gone last Sunday at Centerville and missed the monthly fellowship potluck, but there were enough to have a great breakfast. It warms my heart to see how well our children get along as parents almost have to drag the older children away when it is time to go home.

We have only two more weeks of school until Christmas break and it seems like time has flown by this school year. I am so thankful for my work family, but look forward to every break that gives me a little extra time at home. As we get ready for Christmas, make sure you remember the real meaning of Christmas and be thankful for family and friends you are blessed with. Remember to email jennfreeman@windstream.net if you have news for the Centerville community.

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