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Griffin: Frustrated with Exxon

Posted: September 28, 2013 - 7:48pm

U.S. Congressman Tim Griffin has been “frustrated” with the response by ExxonMobil in regard to oil spill in Mayflower in March. Six months later, Griffin said he is still looking for answers from the company about how they will compensate the community and fix the problem for the future.

“I’ve been very frustrated,” Griffin said. “I’ve had dozens and dozens and dozens of phone calls related to this.”

Griffin said that looking at three areas as a result of the spill — making the people affected whole, finding out everything that happened and making sure it doesn’t happen again — has been a long process for everyone involved.

“We’ve drawn a lot of attention to the Maumelle Watershed,” he said. And I still believe they should move the pipeline.”

Calling it a “non-partisan issue,” Griffin said that most central Arkansans believe the pipeline should be moved. There has not been an indication that the pipeline will be started back any time soon.

Getting more information from ExxonMobil and the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration under the Department of Transportation has been a long process. Griffin said those looking at the materials are looking at what decisions were made, how they were made and why they were made. He said there are also questions about the negligence of not doing additional tests. He said that whatever information he receives, he places on the Internet as soon as possible.

But Griffin said he doesn’t believe ExxonMobil has been cooperative during the process. He also believes the head of Exxon’s pipeline division is the one who should be held responsible.

“I feel like instead of looking for a way to get a ‘yes’ for getting a claim, that they are looking for a way to say ‘no,’” he said. “They ought to be moving forward and they ought to be considering individual circumstances.

“The alternative is to give up, and we’re not giving up.”

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Ajarrell 09/29/13 - 08:29 pm
Health Care for Mayflower

You are very correct to be upset with Exxon! There is still oil in the drainage ditch, the cove, the retention pond and in Lake Conway!!

I was totally disappointed in Dr Mason's answers and lack of understanding the local residents that have been made so sick from NOT being evacuated and were left to breath in the toxic fumes. My Thyroid levels TSH and T4 are both over the max limit. I suffered from headaches so bad that they would wake me up crying because I hurt so bad. Hard to breath and using multiple meds just to be able to breath! Nausea, diarrhea, loss of balance , trouble remembering things and headaches so bad that no migraine meds would even touch them. And after requesting Congressman Tim Griffin to get the Mayflower residents health care, then six months later the Arkansas Health Department FINALY sets up health assessments, and if you have health insurance you need to contact your own doctor. I called the Department of Health several times and was told they could not take my information and was transferred from department to department. I was finally given the poison control number and when I called a man answered and was very rude. I tried to give him my information and he did not even ask how to spell my name. I asked him if he needed me to spell my name he said sure why not. I asked if we could have someone from the health department attend our next meeting he said he would give them the message but he doubted anyone would show up and the did not show up. A few weeks later I called to add something to my health form and it was not on file! Neither was my daughter and grandson. The lady was very nice and apologized and said they had a man working during that time period that was not filing the reports that were being phoned in. So how can you trust any number the Health Department quotes when they refused to take our information and several did not even know what number we should be calling??? Dr Mason should try to learn the facts instead of just throwing a blanket statement about residents having PTSD. Perhaps some do, but that does not mean that we were not being made sick from breathing in the toxic fumes. He mentioned the stress of being evacuated from your house, well what about the stress of not being evacuated, and having to stay and breath the toxic fumes getting sicker and sicker? Why were there not boots on the ground going houses to house checking on the residents close to the rupture site, and the cove area? Error on the side of caution, for the people!!! Why are there still not boots on the ground going door to door and completing an official community assessment with PROPER questions? There are Hendrix college students that are willing and able to help complete this and Emily Harris has years of experience in this area and could help create a comprehensive report. Thank you Congressman Griffin and please give this request your consideration.

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