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Former Mayflower police chief pleads guilty to tampering

Posted: February 27, 2013 - 11:19am

Former Mayflower police chief Billy Paul Baker pleaded guilty to a Class A misdemeanor charge of tampering at a hearing Wednesday morning in Faulkner County Circuit Court.

Baker admitted to Circuit Judge Michael Maggio he was guilty of tampering. He was given a $750 fine and probation.

Baker was released from Faulkner County jail on $2,500 bond in December following an investigation into inconsistent statements Baker gave to officials from the Arkansas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (CLEST) and contradicting statements made by some of the officers about a training class that never happened.

The investigation surfaced after a complaint was filed by one of the officers, who stated that despite being awarded a citation for radar gun certification, no class took place. The documentation sent to CLEST by Baker showed that a class was held on Nov. 28 and Nov. 29, 2011, and seven officers were in attendance. All received certifications. An investigator pulled all the certifications, spoke with two of the officers listed and found out that they did not attend a class.

On Thursday, local attorney Joe Don Winningham, defense counsel to Baker, noted that if Baker abides by the terms of his unsupervised probation, the case will be dismissed after one year.

Baker signed a consent decree in January surrendering his ability to be a law enforcement officer in Arkansas, and he also agreed not to appeal the decision in order to seek law enforcement again.



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BuzzBy 02/27/13 - 11:43 am

Seems that police get better plea bargains than most other people.

OK I got caught falsifing official paper work but if I agree to never be a cop again anywhere in Arkansas then I get a $750 fine and probation.

How come cops that do wrong never get treated like criminals unless they rape or kill someone?!?!?!?

Zheking 02/27/13 - 11:57 am
The same reason you find

The same reason you find falsified police reports when one of them doesn't follow the proper procedure on something....

PEARList 02/27/13 - 01:43 pm

Here come the cop-haters who won't be satisfied until the guy is hanged in the public square.

We can all argue about what punishment would have been appropriate, and we'd all have different opinions. As it is, the fine and probation are relatively meaningless, but the guy can never be a cop again. And at this point his name is out there, so any other job he tries to get anywhere near central Arkansas will require him to get over the fact that he's now known to be untrustworthy.

Of course, while you folks are hating on this one cop who lied on some paperwork, neither of you mention the fact that he was ratted out by some of his own. Any other time you'd be screaming about cops protecting each other, but here you just kind of push that whole concept under the rug. Of course, the next time cops are implicated in a cover up, you'll completely forget about this incident and scream about how cops "always" cover for each other.

you guys give great luls, keep it up :)

Zheking 02/27/13 - 02:28 pm
IIRC there were 12 police

IIRC there were 12 police officers that had their documents forged... I mean how many cops does Mayflower have? That has to be at least over half that were fine with the forged paper work. And considering the fact that every speeding ticket written by any of those officers can now be disputed (and over turned), that's thousands of dollars lost for the city.

I think it's a little bit more serious than "he forged some paperwork."

No one said anything about hating cops; and yeah, there are some cops out there I'm sure who will do it "by the book" as it's supposed to be done, hence, he was "ratted" out (was he "ratted" out or someone said "hey this is wrong", I usually think "ratted" out as one criminal told on another to save his own butt aka Stark).

But hey, all cops are heros right? So you're right, lets let him off easy.

thomas613 02/27/13 - 07:18 pm

I respect the police and appreciate them. With that being said I firmly believe that they should be held accountable to a higher degree than a regular citizen. You have to consider the facts that thier word sends citizens to prison and they swear to God to be honest. This particular policeman has been in law enforcement for a very long time and one does have to wonder how many people became convicted felons on his word. The evidence in a case is only as good as the police officer that worked the cases word. I do not hate this man but I am let down. He did more than falsify paperwork. He hurt the integrity of the police as a whole. Solution: Random Lie Detector Test.

lightemup 02/27/13 - 09:13 pm
It's just ridiculous that

It's just ridiculous that someone would dare say that he was "ratted out by some of his own".
This was not just a police officer, this was THE HEAD of the department. This guy is the one that was supposed to make sure his team did it right.
I think he got off way too lightly.

arkansasobserver 02/27/13 - 10:09 pm
Was it really so hard?

Did the chief ever say why he did not just hold the class? Surely there are qualified people from UALR, the Law Enforcement Training Academy or the state police who could present a class. Was it really so hard to arrange a class for his officers? Was it the cost?

Corvette Fan
Corvette Fan 02/28/13 - 07:17 pm

Depending on who taught the class it may not have cost the city anything. If they brought someone in to teach the class, the cost may have been around $500 or so but if the class was sponsored by CJI, it cost the city nothing other than having to juggle the schedules of the officers around.

I have been in law enforcement for a lot of years and I too like others believe BPB got off too light. Should have at least had a felony conviction for what happened. Jail time optional. Lots of "ordinary" folks do no jail time for doing worse so.....

Jim 03/01/13 - 11:05 pm
The soga continues...

I here Satkowski is not a certified Police Officer and used his position as the retired director of Standards over law enforcement to bend the rules for him. I also here the dedicaded low paid officers in Mayflower our looking else where for work because of the lack of leadership and the off the wall actions he is conducting. He can't even pass the weapons qualifications, but is going to carry a double barrel shotgun while on duty. This isn't a Buford Pusser town. Here we go again. Need to go to the source, it came from Satkowski himself. He is the one who stated he was only the director of Standards over law enforcement. He has never worked a police beat and has never arrested anyone. This department needs a (experience BODY) that can take a disturbance call and be able to make an arrest. This is not a retiree community, we have real problems here and don't need a sit behind the desk Director, who would get hurt if he even went out and tried to make an arrest. I'm sorry, but I beleive the mayor could of made a better desision than this want-a-be Chief. Maybe the the Attorney General needs to be informed and take some action before someone gets hurt, just saying.

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