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Ex-Hendrix president failed to obey police

Former President J. Timothy Cloyd cussed police, refused to lower gun during December home invasion incident.

Posted: February 19, 2013 - 9:17pm

The former president of a prestigious, private college in Conway refused to drop his weapon for police during a December incident where a man suspected of commercial burglary burst into his home during the wee morning hours, according to an incident report.

Just a day after Christmas, a man who burglarized a local business, was tracked by police to the home of then Hendrix College President J. Timothy Cloyd. The suspect rang the doorbell at 1256 Winfield St., was allowed in to use the phone and then ran to the back when he saw police closing in, according to the report.

Cloyd had a small firearm that he refused to put down while police were apprehending the suspect. He cussed at police and said he would kill the suspect, according to the report.

Police eventually took Cloyd’s weapon from him. The report notes he smelled of alcohol and had slurred speech.

One officer said in the report that Cloyd’s actions put police at “risk.”

Spokeswoman La Tresha Woodruff said police are trained to handle situations like the one in Cloyd’s home, and Cloyd should have allowed authorities to step in and handle it. Instead, police had to concentrate on Cloyd and the suspect without knowing whether the suspect was armed, she said.

However, Cloyd’s response is not completely atypical among people in high-stress situations, Woodruff said.

“He had a right to be upset that someone burst into his home after midnight,” Woodruff said. “Sometimes people act off of emotions and don’t readily respond to police.”

After taking Cloyd’s gun, police found and arrested William S. Carter, 20, of 1604 Westlake No. 1000 in Conway, in the bathroom, according to an incident report. Carter was taken to the hospital because he was foaming at the mouth and unresponsive.

Cloyd resigned from his post as Hendrix president Friday because he thought it was time the college brought in someone new.

“The incident is not related to Dr. Cloyd’s resignation,” Hendrix spokesman Rob O’Connor wrote in email Tuesday.

In a mass email Friday, Cloyd said “through prayer and deep reflection with my family, I have decided that it is time for new leadership.” He said he plans to seek “other opportunities” and resume teaching at Hendrix.

Spokesman Rob O’Connor sent a statement via email Friday attributed to Frank Cox, chief communications officer at Hendrix.

“An incident involving an intruder and the Conway police department’s response took place at the president’s home during the holiday break when the campus was closed,” Cox said in the statement. “While we have no comment on the specifics of the incident, we are grateful that the Conway police were able to resolve the situation, take the intruder into custody, and that no one was harmed during the incident.”

Cloyd was not arrested or cited for the incident, Woodruff said.

“This man was in his home minding his own business and someone burst into his home,” she said.

Shortly after the incident, the police department requested the Arkansas State Police review the case to determine if there were any violations of the conceal carry law, but the department has not heard back “one way or the other,” Woodruff said in email.

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GreenEyes 02/20/13 - 01:36 pm
Conceal Carry Law

I'm confused. If the man had the gun out when police arrived pointed at the intruder and is in his own home, how could that possibly (in any sense of the term) have anything to do with the conceal law...it wasn't concealed right? And it isn't against the law to own a gun (not yet anyway)....so unless I'm missing something the Local police probably haven't heard back because the State Police are probably laughing at the question. Just a possiblility. What section of the conceal carry law am I missing if not.

arkansasobserver 02/20/13 - 02:05 pm

Sounds like Conway PD is reaching for payback.

Reaganesque 02/20/13 - 06:44 pm

Secondary story from your TSA.....

"TSA Reportedly Detains Wheelchair-Bound 3-Year-Old Girl, Orders Parents Not to Videotape Pat-Down

Feb. 19, 2013 10:45pm Jason Howerton302

The Transportation Security Administration is once again under fire, this time for allegedly detaining a wheelchair-bound 3-year-old girl, taking away her stuffed doll and ordering the girl’s parents not to videotape TSA agents patting her down.

The girl’s father, Nathan Forck, told Fox News Radio’s Todd Starnes that the TSA treated his daughter like a “criminal.”

“And by extension, they were treating us as criminals,” he added.

The incident reportedly occurred at Lambert-St. Louis Airport on Feb. 9. Forck, his wife and their three kids were on their way to Disney World for a family vacation when the trip took an ugly turn. TSA agents reportedly pulled Lucy aside for additional security screening, despite the fact that she was 3-years-old and bound to a wheel chair due to Spina bifida.

“They specifically told me that they were singling her out for this special treatment because she’s in a wheelchair,” Forck told Fox News. “They are specifically singling out disabled people for this special scrutiny. It’s rather offensive to me as a father of a disabled child.”

A TSA agent told the family that they needed to pat down Lucy and swab her wheelchair. The family had already made it through a security checkpoint by this time. Forck’s wife, Annie, pulled out her camera and began filming the incident, which agents told her was “illegal.”

“You can’t touch my daughter unless I record it,” she can be heard telling an agent in the video. Forck then asked an agent to “cite the law” that says they can’t videotape them.

After refusing to stop filming agents patting down her 3-year-old child, the Forck family was soon reportedly surrounded by TSA agents, with one guarding Lucy personally.

That’s when the “alarm bells” really started going off for Forck, who is an attorney and knew it was perfectly legal to videotape the TSA agents.

“It’s your worst nightmare,” he said. “It’s bad enough they are demanding they want to pat down my child and didn’t want me to videotape it.”

More from FoxNews.com:

At some point the agents confiscated Lucy’s stuffed toy, “Lamby” – reducing the child to tears.

“She was crying for her stuffed animal which they wouldn’t let her have for the longest time,” he said. “It’s only about a half foot long. It’s a lamb down that talks – but she loves it.”

As TSA agents discussed what they were going to do, the video shows Lucy weeping uncontrollably.

“I don’t want to go Disney World,” she screamed as her parents tried to offer reassurances.


Forck said he understands that a certain level of security is needed at airports – but he believes what happened in St. Louis was not only inappropriate but may have been illegal.

Forck said it’s a mystery why the TSA didn’t want them to film their daughter’s pat-down.

“Just because you slap a TSA badge on – I don’t know this person – and they’re going to be putting their hands on my child,” he said, adding that if someone did the same outside the airport, they would be in jail.

Forck said he and his wife did not want to cause a scene at the airport but they were determined to stand their ground and let TSA agents know “what they could and could not do” to their child.

“We are not unreasonable people,” he said. “But to say you are going to do a bodily search with no probable cause whatsoever – just because she is in a wheelchair. That was offensive.”

After about half an hour, the Forcks were rescreened and allowed to go on their trip. They reportedly had no issues getting through TSA security in Orlando."

Pitiful BO, just pitiful!!!!!

Lambert is a pile of junk anyway. St Louis used to be well over a million population.... now the signs rear just over 300,000. I know why.

TSA has just apoligized. Of course they have. They are as stupid as some liberals who post here. :)

reader 02/20/13 - 06:40 pm
Something does sound odd here

I am aware, even in your own home where you have every legal right to bear a weapon, the police want all involved parties (excluding LEOs) disarmed once they have arrived and taken control of the situation. Dr. Cloyd's refusal, although seemingly reasonable, may have violated this standard operating practice, and ticked them off if he voiced something about having a CC permit. AO may be on to something.

bama 02/20/13 - 07:54 pm
I believe they are using

I believe they are using “conceal carry law” to refer to the section that covers guns in general. That section covers where you can open carry, conceal carry, etc.

Shinbarker 02/21/13 - 11:27 pm
Cusses, foiled again!

Shouldn't it be "[Cloyd] *cursed* at police"? ("Cuss" is not standard English.) I mean, yeah-- the incident report from CPD probably said "cussed." But we can clean up the cops' language for print and interwebs, no?

Then again, maybe Cloyd behaved as he did because the Ghost of Christmas Future put a cuss on him!

reader 02/22/13 - 10:30 am
I read as much of the Police Incident report as I could stand

(its like 21 pages or something) and apparently Dr. Cloyd was reported in it, to have claimed to have a CC permit. The officer, a LT. I believe, stated he would report the incident for investigation by the Ark. State Police because of his statement. The report also indicated his wife requested the officer not do that.

Under the circumstances of the event I can understand Dr. Cloyd and his family being very upset at what occurred. The suspect in this case invaded their home, after he had requested their help, which they gave, and upset the entire family, as well as caused considerable damage. Oddly though, the report states he identified himself as a felon or ex-felon to them while asking to use the phone? Apparently this is when the Dr. decided to retrieve his gun (according to statements in the report) for protection and I cannot blame him for doing so. I would have answered the door with mine. Considering the incident I fully understand Dr. Cloyd being extremely upset, cursing, and threatening to shoot the invader who might harm his family. I think the CPD should be more considerate of the family under these circumstances. That said, I still believe everyone knows when the police show up, they want to be the only ones with guns, and I can understand their reasons for it.

i_wonder 02/22/13 - 11:23 am

This will unfortunately be a situation where the homeowner gets in more trouble than the intruder.

For letting a stranger use his phone, no less.

What a filtered word society.

And we wonder why people are so anti-social to strangers...

A "GET OFF MY LAWN" attitude would have prevented this. Sad to say.

justoffcenter 02/22/13 - 09:46 pm
HE WAS DRUNK with a gun!

Get the gun from the drunk first, THEN proceed.
Let me say again HE WAS DRUNK WITH A GUN.

reader 02/22/13 - 11:04 pm
It wasn't like he had time to sober up after

his home was invaded. If I am at home and drinking / drunk I will still retrieve my gun if my home is illegally invaded and defend my life with it with deadly force. Screw the CC permit rules.

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