Sweepstakes scam hits Faulkner County

A Greenbrier woman reported a scam that nearly happened to her involving a person posing as a Publisher's Clearing House representative.

The scam, which has already claimed a woman in Russellville, involves a phone call from a Kingston, Jamaica area code. The caller informs  the person that they are winners of the Publisher's Clearing House and in order to avoid paying taxes, a purchase needs to be made of a debit card at a local pharmacy.

The Greenbrier woman said that was as far as it had gotten with her. "I know it seems strange, but many people can fall for this," she said. When she asked the caller why the phone number was coming from Jamaica, the caller responded that he purchased the phone in that area since he travelled around the world for the company.

Recently, a woman in Russellville was scammed out of $16,000 by the same process.

"I just want to make sure people know that this is happening in this neighborhood," the Greenbrier woman said.



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