PBS KIDS launches on Apple TV, Chromecast, Android

Now families across Arkansas can stream their favorite children’s programs from the Arkansas Educational Television Network (AETN) for free on Apple TV, Chromecast and the PBS KIDS Video App on Android. These platforms give families free, streaming access to thousands of videos, including clips and full episodes from their favorite PBS KIDS series.

The programming available includes thousands of videos, with new content updated weekly from award-winning, trusted series that provide proven educational benefits for children. Users can access episodes and clips from favorite series such as “Curious George,” “Dinosaur Train,” “Peg + Cat,” “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood,” “Arthur,” “Wild Kratts” and “Sesame Street.”

Users of Apple TV can personalize their PBS KIDS experience by creating a profile and identifying their local PBS station as AETN. The PBS KIDS Video App is available in the Google Play store and Amazon App Store, and has been popular since 2011 in the App Store for iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. The app features helpful tools for parents, such as intended age and learning goals of each series; the ability to mark series as “favorites”; and related, easy to download educational apps and episodes. It is the first children’s content provider for Chromecast.

Offering curriculum-based on-air programming, digital content and outreach resources, AETN is a leading resource for parents and educators in Arkansas. In addition to these new digital offerings, this summer AETN is hosting educational day camps and providing free learning packets to families, daycares and camps throughout the state.


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