Police: Remember to lock car doors

Teens arrested after breaking into cars

The Conway Police Department is asking residents to remember to lock their car doors at all times, even when parked in a driveway at home. Also, police ask that residents not store valuables in their cars, or at least keep them out of plain sight.

The department released a statement Wednesday saying police arrested two teen girls on Sunday near the Cinemark on Skyline Drive after a witness saw them pulling on door handles of cars, getting into vehicles and taking things.

The 16-year-olds told officers they had been riding around the area, got bored and decided to break into cars. They turned over the stolen items which included money, cigarettes, a wallet and a phone charger. Police returned the items to their owners. The Conway Police Department says this incident should serve as a reminder to the public to lock car doors, as the girls only got into cars that they found unlocked.