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Delta Trust Investments, Inc. establishes tenth bank at the Village at Hendrix

Posted: January 31, 2014 - 6:58pm
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Michael Bynum, Conway market president, and Dawn Johnson, branch manager and assistant vice president, stand among the construction of the Delta Trust & Bank Conway branch drive through on the south side of Market Square South.
Michael Bynum, Conway market president, and Dawn Johnson, branch manager and assistant vice president, stand among the construction of the Delta Trust & Bank Conway branch drive through on the south side of Market Square South.

Delta Trust Investments, Inc. is working to establish its first Delta Trust & Bank branch in Conway at the new Market Square South building currently under construction at the Village at Hendrix.

About three years ago, Michael Bynum, Delta Trust Conway market president, had the opportunity to have dinner with Delta Trust Shareholder Philip Tappan who is also president of the Purple Cow.

“There was some discussion there if there was any interest level for Delta [Trust] to come to Conway, and I wanted an opportunity to move up from a lender,” Bynum said.

Several meetings later, Bynum was given the opportunity to build Delta Trust’s first branch in Conway.

Being a full service bank, offering financial guidance in banking, trust, investments, insurance and home financing, Delta Trust is very strategic in where they locate, said Malina Vibhakar, vice president and director of marketing.

“You can’t build one on every corner,” she said.

Bynum said putting the new branch in the Village at Hendrix was the best location because of the state-of-the-art facility surrounded by a tight knight community of residential homes paired with Hendrix College and the Southwestern Energy regional headquarters.

Vibhakar said Delta Trust has a corporate focus to become totally engulfed in the community and neighborhood in which a branch is located.

“We’ve tried to make sure we have the perfect location to make sure we establish deep roots in Conway,” she said.

The branch itself is designed to facilitate community involvement with a walk-up ATM on the front and a drive through on the back.

Delta Trust Investment’s tenth Arkansas location will be the most technologically advanced of the Delta Trust & Bank branches.

Both ATMs feature “intelligent deposit” capabilities, which enable customers to make automated deposits with checks or cash. The drive through will feature teller access screens at each terminal. Customers will be able to talk face-to-face to the teller without having to leave their car.

“We tried to design the branch with its location and the clients in mind,” Vibhakar said.

As a partner of the Village at Hendrix, Delta Trust plans to do outreach programs for Hendrix College students.

I know the Village has expressed an interest in hosting casual seminars out on the lawn, Vibhakar said.

“Their experience is that students are more comfortable talking about serious topics outside, casually instead of inside the branch,” she said.

Student promotions are also being discussed, Bynum said, like a Hendrix student debit or ATM card.

Delta Trust currently has five full-time employees including Bynum, Bill Goodwin, Assistant Vice President and Mortgage Officer of Delta Trust Mortgage; Rich Richardson, Vice President and Financial Advisor of Delta Trust Investments, Inc.; Dawn Johnson, Assistant Vice President & Branch Manager of Delta Trust & Bank and Mary Stachey, Loan Assistant of Delta Trust & Bank.

Bynum is working to solidify a full-time staff of ten. The bank’s newest hire is Vice President of Investments and Financial Advisor Rich Richardson.

Richardson has more than eight years of financial advising experience. He graduated from the University of Arkansas with a Bachelor of Science degree in financial management and completed his master’s in business administration from the University of Central Arkansas. He also obtained a minor in accounting from the University of Arkansas in Little Rock.

Richardson said he’s excited to be able to build a branch from scratch and initially made the move to Delta Trust because of all the facilities and lines of business the bank offers to its clients.

Bynum said he has also been working with the college to try to get some college students working part-time to better build the bank’s relationship with Hendrix College.

“Once you get your team in place and you can see something grow, that’s the reason we’re here,” Bynum said.

Delta Trust & Bank will have a soft opening in the next several months with a fair-themed grand opening celebration planned for April 26, weather permitting.

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