Conway Bridge Club combines humor, competitive spirit

Ken Rasure (left), Murph Adams, Endrea Carroll and Barbara Mullican play bridge at the Faulkner County Library on Thursday. The Conway Bridge Club plays each Thursday at 12:30 p.m. at the library and encourages new members.

Shortly after noon Thursday, Conway Bridge Club players started to arrive at the Faulkner County Library.


The first four to arrive — Ken Rasure, Murph Adams, Barbara Mullican and Endrea Carroll — grabbed a few decks of cards and started dealing.

Before long, more players started arriving to start a new table. Bridge, a card game popular since the 1930s, requires four players.

“Sometimes we have three or four tables going at a time,” Rasure said, as he and his partner Adams won a hand.

Adams remarked on the risk that netted the pair the round.

“It’s hard to throw away an ace,” she quipped.

Carroll, who was on the other team with Mullican, teased Rasure about the win, calling him a “show-off.”

As humorous as they were competitive, the group talked about wanting new players to join.

“I drag people out of the [library] aisles,” Carroll said before suggesting this reporter join in a game. “Don’t you want to play a game on company time? For research, of course.”

Rasure said any of the club members would be happy to teach a new player the ropes.

“We’re always looking for more players,” he said.

The group meets at 12:30 p.m. each Thursday at the library.



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