BJ Fox: The Fox's Den, Aug. 5, 2014

Step into my den, pull up a comfy chair and a cup of tea and let’s chat.

I had the great pleasure of visiting Vern Daniel on a rainy day this week in his garden and canning kitchen. Words are not enough to show his kind generosities to friends and the care that he constantly gives his family. Always ready to help someone when asked, it is a wonder he can do all that he does, knowing that his health is not always up for it.

He helped cut trees for neighbors after storms, re-did an engine for a youth at his church who bought a used truck that needed work, gave planter boxes complete with dirt and sprinkler system to a friend to get him started gardening and is baby-sitting baby chicks for a neighbor who is gone for the summer — and all because he thinks enough of their needs to help.

Visit the Wooster Farmers’ and Crafters’ Market Saturday morning to meet him and shop our local farmers.

Thank you to a very kind plumber in Home Depot who took the time to show me the inner workings of my toilet so I could plan a fix. Love that store!

I hope everyone is ready for school orientations to start and has all the school shopping done.

’Til next time...

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