Updated: Byrd wins candidacy case

Pulaski County Circuit Judge Wendell Griffin has ruled that Angela Byrd’s candidacy will not be affected by her late payment of attorney’s dues. 

Byrd is running against sitting Faulkner County Circuit Judge David Clark.

Judge Griffin held that “all suspensions are not equal and this was not a suspension at all,” Byrd said on Thursday morning. 

This of course directly contradicts a ruling by special Pulaski County Circuit Judge John Cole's decision in March in a similar case involving Pulaski County judicial candidate Valerie Bailey in which Cole held that "a suspension is a suspension. 


Byrd also said that she wanted it to be clarified that the petitioner in the suit to have her removed from the ballot was not Nabholz Construction vice-chairman Lonnie Williams, but another person named Lonnie Williams. Byrd said that while working as a prosecutor she tried the case that ended with this Lonnie William's son, Gary Lonnie Williams, being convicted of murder.


Sitting Faulkner County Circuit Judge H.G. Foster, who is subject to a suit by challenger Doralee Chandler to de-certify his candidacy, has filed a writ of quo warranto with the Arkansas Supreme Court. If successful, this writ would allow the Supreme Court to decide Foster's candidacy, and possibly the other judicial candidate subject to such a suit, Pulaski County Circuit Judge Tim Fox's, as well.


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