Yesterdays March 20

75 years ago



Mrs. G.W. Williams and Mrs. T.T. Doolin were hostesses at the Country Club Friday for the regular weekly bridge party. Prizes were won by Mrs. J.M. Layton and Mrs. Earl Melton of Minneapolis, Minn. Ice cream and cake were served at the conclusion of the games.

50 years ago


Kit Groth, 15, is congratulated by Jimmie Ligon, president of the Central Arkansas Production Credit Assn., after she placed third in a statewide poster contest last week. Miss Groth, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Howard Groth, prepared a poster labeled, “Turkey, Eggs and Chicken Pot Pies Make You Healthy, Wealthy and Wise.” She received $10. The contest was sponsored by the Arkansas Poultry Federation and the PCA.

25 years ago


Bill Clements of Conway has been reappointed by Gov. Bill Clinton to serve on the Highway Safety Advisory Council.

Clements is an instructor at Conway High School. His new term on the council will expire Jan. 14, 1993.

10 years ago


Joanie Stofan of Greenbrier was recently awarded the Edward Dalstrom Distinguished Service Award for her service to sight- and hearing-impaired individuals through the Greenbrier Lions Club.

The Dalstrom Award id the most distinguished honor bestowed by the Mid-South Lions Sight and Hearing Service. Clubs that donate $1,000 to the organization in a year’s time may choose one of their members to receive the award. Joanie voted for her husband, John Stofan.



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December 17

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