How Are You Treating God?

Tyrone Sanders

Christian friends I greet you in the name of Jesus. No other name is greater than the name Jesus: our Lord and our Savior. If someone asked if God is good, your answer would be a resounding “Yes.” The same answer would apply if the questions were, is God faithful, is God almighty, or is God able. As great as it is for us to be in a relationship with God, it also must be great for God to be in a relationship with us. How often do we consider how God benefits from being in a relationship with us? There is no doubt that the mankind-and-God relationship is tilted greatly in mankind’s favor. However, are we trying to give God more or continue to take advantage of grace and love? Recently my pastor posed to the congregation the most profound and terrifying question: What if God treated you like you treat Him?

God is faithful. God cannot break His word or act outside of His character. The Bible says in Jeremiah 1:12, that God watches over His word to perform it. The psalmist who was aware of the character of God said in Psalms 89:8 that faithfulness surrounds God. Mankind, on the other hand, has been known to break his word. Mankind has been unfaithful to God. Mankind is not as dedicated to God as He is to us and yet we are still allowed to enjoy the many blessings that He has bestowed on us. How would we feel if God gave us air to breathe as we attend church? Focusing on God, while in church, would be easier if that was how we earned gravity. Would our praise increase over our complaints if God took away the verbal powers of all complainers?

Until the next time: May the God of Glory keep you.


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