McCollum's Column: Citations from beaches to pickers to gold ice

T-BIRD PICKING: Guy-Perkins basketball coach John Hutchcraft and his antique shop was featured in last week’s episode of “American Pickers,” in which antique dealers Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz travel the backroads of the country seeking bargains and treasures. They bought several items from Hutchcraft, whom they discovered was a tough nut to crack because he kept asking what they considered the full retail price.


“He’s got a great eye,” said Mike in observing the items in Hutchcraft’s store. “Did y’all bring a lot of money and I mean folding money?” said Hutchcraft.

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Among the major deals, the pair purchased some 1932 Western Ammunition signs, a classic Chevrolet clock and a Saigon jacket, which they said they could get double the price on resell. “Once we figured out how to dance with John, we got some good deals,” said Mike.

“I liked dealing with them because I’ve got their money in my billfold,” said Hutchcraft in parting.

If you get a chance to see the rebroadcast, check it out. It’s hilarious.

In the wake of the ESPY Awards, it seems appropriate for another batch of “David Citations,” for the interesting, zany and just plain weird in sports:

A NEW MEANING TO NAKED REVERSE: This statement was released Friday by Florida International football coach Ron Turner: “Early this morning, our football team had a workout and barbecue on Crandon Park Beach to conclude our summer conditioning program under the supervision of our strength and conditioning staff.

“Following the workout, some of our athletes went to rinse off at a designated public shower area and a few of them made a poor decision and changed their clothes in public. I want to apologize to the community and anyone who was at the beach this morning for this unfortunate incident.”

THE SHADY SHOW: Host John Hamm said this about the ESPY Awards, “It’s the world’s largest gathering of people wearing sunglasses indoors.”

BEST MOMENT RELIVED: The video of Jack Nebraska football team allowing young Jack Hoffman, who has a rare form of brain cancer, to score on a touchdown run during the Cornhuskers’ spring game.

LETTERS FOR BULLDOGS TO FEAR: The only non-conference defeats by the Mississippi State baseball team last season were to teams with UCA in their initials and bears in their nickname — the UCA Bears and the national champion UCLA Bruins.

A GOLDEN (BUT NOT STRIPED) ERA OF HOCKEY: The Nashville Predators of the National Hockey League have painted the ice at Bridgestone Arena gold/mustard yellow for the summer.

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