McCollum's Column: Citations with an Independence Day flair

Combining sports and Independence Day with these “David Citations,” fire up the grill and strike up the band:

MANIFEST DESTINY: Was this what brought Bret Bielema to the University of Arkansas?

KING GEORGE: King (LeBron) James has more victories.

STARS AND STRIPES FOREVER: What the University of Central Arkansas football team seeks to produce for fans on its turf.

JOHN HANCOCK: When he signed the Declaration of Independence, was he a five-star or four-star recruit?

FLINTLOCK MUSKET AND BAYONET: About the only things that were not tried to defend Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel last season.

CONTINENTAL ARMY: The Florida Atlantic of the Revolutionary War.

13 ORIGINAL COLONIES: Some wanted an even 16 for expansion, but this worked out fine.

THESE ARE THE TIMES THAT TRY MEN’S SOULS: How observers may describe the Razorbacks’ football schedule this year.

FRENCH AND INDIAN WAR: Since the French used politically incorrect Native American mascots, it is now know as the French and Red Wolves War.

OFF WE GO INTO THE WILD BLUE YONDER: The fate of Arkansas State head football coaches after they have success in Jonesboro.

BRANDYWINE: The favorite beverage of the designer of John Daly’s pants.

YANKEE DOODLE: What New York Yankee officials don’t want A-Rod to do during his rehab in Charleston.


DIXIELAND: Power base of college football.

NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS: Will Tim Tebow  start a revolution?.

1776: Approximate number of folks who have weighed in on talk shows about who is greater, Michael Jordan or LeBron James.

COMMON SENSE: Lacking in trying to place Boise State in the Big East.

CONSTITUTION: What Mississippi State fans had to have when the Bulldogs played the University of Central Arkansas in baseball this season.

SAMUEL ADAMS: After hearing LSU coach Les Miles talk, you wonder if he’s had a taste of this.

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