Library to honor late Finton Shaw

The late sculptor Finton Shaw will receive a Lifetime in the Arts Award from the Faulkner County Library at a special reception at 2 p.m. Sunday, June 10.

Family members will accept the posthumous award.

“Mr. Shaw demonstrated an enduring commitment to his art and genre, and provided many years of creativity, inspiration and leadership to other artists,” said Faulkner County Librarian Ruth Voss.

Shaw died May 20 in a Little Rock hospital after cancer surgery.

“Finton Shaw was a sculptor whose independence and vigor infused his powerful work. He was a mentor and supporter of artists and the arts, saying that ‘Art stimulates and teaches tolerance.’

“He was not afraid to challenge or to shock, willing to do so in order to bring ideas to fruition.”

Shaw’s garden near the Highway 64 crossing over Cadron Creek was filled with iron work and sculptures and the site of many gatherings of artists that Shaw encouraged.

Funeral services for Shaw were held on Saturday.

This is the third Lifetime in the Arts Award given by the library.

Previous recipients are Gene Hatfield, retired professor of art at the University of Central Arkansas, and Sheila Parsons, professional watercolorist and art teacher.

(Staff writer Becky Harris can be reached at and 505-1234.)


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